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Managed Computer Consulting Glossary

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Cisco Channel Partner Program (Glossary Definition)


Cisco Systems, Inc. 13 IT Channel Partner Programsis the world leader in nearly every category it competes in, with regard to networking and communications technologies.

Being a fairly complex organization means that Cisco has a fairly complex Cisco Channel Partner Program. But complicated can be good in this case, as Cisco nearly perfectly segments its programs for its channel partners.

But in case you've found the Cisco Channel Partner Program overwhelmingly complex, help is at hand. We're going to help you sort it all out.

We'll look at how Cisco structures its channel partner programs and which programs matter most to small- and medium-sized businesses, often referred to as "SMBs."

We're going to identify the three most important programs and deconstruct them for you:

Do you have first-hand, personal experience with the Cisco Channel Partner Program? If so, please help us improve this glossary definition by sharing your thoughts about this channel partner program in the Comments area below.



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