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Managed Computer Consulting Glossary

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Network Professional Association - NPA (Glossary Definition)


Top 9 IT Trade AssociationsThe Network Professional Association (NPA) is a global IT trade organization which represents the needs of network computing professionals. It is a not-for-profit organization that is highly self-regulated and vendor-neutral.

The focus of this IT trade association is to promote the professionalism of network professionals. This provides additional comfort to employers and can boost a member’s resume.

When you become a member of the Network Professional Association, some of the benefits are:

  • Career guidance

  • Networking opportunities

  • The ability to attend conferences

  • A quarterly journal

  • An active jobs board

  • A professional affiliation

The NPA has chapters in various locations in the USA where members can become involved and form meaningful business relationships; an interesting move is that it is now forming a Web-based chapter which should provide for a lot more networking for members who are not located near regional chapters in the USA.

The Network Professional Association maintains its reputation by ensuring that members adhere to strict rules about who can and cannot be affiliated with them.

To start with, members must agree to abide by the NPA code of ethics, be certified or working toward certification, and be committed to continuing professional development.

The four categories of Network Professional Association membership that you could qualify for are:

  • Professional Member - For this, you need a valid certificate, diploma, or degree in a subject that relates to computer networking. The fee is $125 per year.

  • Member – For this, you need to be in the process of being certified or you must have worked in the field of computer networking for at least two years. The fee is $125 per year.

  • Student – For this, you must currently be enrolled in an accredited course in the field of computer networking. The fee is $45 per year.

  • Executive – This is the corporate membership option; it is available to any organization that is part of the computer networking industry. The fee is $1,000 per year.

Do you belong to the Network Professional Association (NPA)? If so, how have you benefited? What could it improve?

Please share your tips, hints, and war stories in the Comments area below.


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