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Managed Computer Consulting Glossary

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Network Consulting Services (Glossary Definition)


Network Consulting Services Glossary DefinitionUnlike PCs or productivity suites, there is no default network configuration that is a reasonable choice for most small businesses.

Companies that don’t have an IT department to setup their network often turn to network consulting services to take all of their needs into account.


The number of users, number of machines, and amount of bandwidth required are some of the most basic variables affecting the network configuration that you should use.


Network consulting services know to compare your peak activity with average activity to set up a reliable system that doesn’t break the bank. Choosing the right equipment and the right platform, or even subscribing to a cloud platform for some of your needs, keeps everything moving smoothly.


Whether you are a start-up worried about viruses and identity theft or a major company worried about corporate espionage determines the level of security that you need. It takes experience to balance costs with a company’s security needs.


Most companies cannot afford to rebuild their IT infrastructure from scratch. So figuring out what equipment can be incorporated into the new system vs. what absolutely has to go is a major part of keeping costs down, without jeopardizing productivity once the new system comes online.

If you or your company has used network consulting services, we want to hear more about your experience in the comments below.

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