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Managed Computer Consulting Glossary

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IT Sales Cycle (Glossary Definition)


IT Sales Cycle Glossary DefinitionThe IT sales cycle is similar to other enterprise level sales in that it focuses on identifying and solving the client’s IT-related problems.

Determine Needs

The first step is to determine exactly what the client actually needs.

Companies have different abilities to evaluate their own IT needs, and salespeople are expected to take an active role in identifying potential weaknesses and opportunities.

Propose Solutions

No matter how much buzz surrounds a particular technology, IT salespeople still have to make the economic case for each of their proposals. They can do this by explaining how different options impact a company’s bottom line.


Once a solution is chosen, the vendor is responsible for providing, and usually installing, all necessary hardware and software.

Larger companies may have their IT department handle this task in-house, but dealing with complex hardware may be beyond smaller firms.

Provide After-Sales Service

Setting everything up is not the end of the IT sales cycle.

Continuing support, maintenance, and performance reviews are just some of the after-sales services that vendors offer alongside their normal sales.

Have you found that the IT sales cycle is very similar to, or significantly different from other provisioning and procurement processes? Tell us what you think in the COMMENTS section below.

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