Add On Programs
for Digital Marketing and Sales

Add on programs below are available for businesses currently enrolled in Digital Marketing Foundation Programs.

Growth-Driven Web Design

Growth-Driven Website Design is a smarter approach to website design that reduces the headaches associated with traditional website design, focuses on data-driven goals (for example: improving lead generation, sales acceleration, and closed sales with new customers), and informs other parts of the company.

Required Software: HubSpot Professional

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Sales Productivity

Sales Productivity - Help sales teams work more productively, sell more efficiently, compete more aggressively, and close sales faster without discounting using inbound sales tactics.

Required Software: HubSpot Professional, HubSpot CRM, HubSpot Sales Pro, Google Apps or Office 365, HelloSign, Survey Monkey

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Lead Nurturing and Sales Acceleration

Lead Nurturing and Sales Acceleration Program uses advanced marketing and sales technology (inbound marketing), along with buyer’s journey mapping, segmentation, and personalization. Qualified leads are nurtured into sales opportunities faster. When your sales team does engage, they’re now seen as subject matter experts and trusted advisors, and wow, is that a game changer for leverage during the sales process!

Required Software: HubSpot Professional

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Sponsored Social

Sponsored Social is used to bring traffic into your website when you don't have a good email list. We'll audit your existing paid social and paid accelerants, setup and manage paid social media, and create new campaigns. 

Required Software: HubSpot Professional

(Cost of advertising billed separately)

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Trade Show Lead Generation

Trade Show Lead Generation and Nurturing - Have an upcoming Trade Show? We can help you before, during, and after the event with social engagement, creating collateral with conversion paths and nurturing campaign, email templates, and a blog post recap of the event.

Required Software: HubSpot Professional

Learn more about our Trade Show Lead Generation and Nurturing Program

Channel Program Strategy

With Channel Program Strategy, we'll analyze competitive programs, develop Buyer Personas for your channel program, create full life-cycle content assets with conversion paths, setup automation for lead registration, and implement closed-loop reporting.

Required Software: HubSpot Professional

Learn More About Our Channel Program Strategy Add On

Customer Marketing

Our Customer Marketing Add On includes creating an onboarding process for your new customers, developing and analyzing surveys, developing a lead referral program, helping you create educational webinars to cross-sell, and social monitoring.

Required Software: HubSpot Professional

Learn more about our Customer Marketing Program


We'll work with you to create webinars to attract prospective clients to your website, as well as delight your existing customers. 

Required Software: HubSpot Professional, Citrix GoToWebinar

Learn more about our Webinar Add On Program


We'll create screencast videos from your blog posts and share them on social media and other video hosting sites. 

Required Software: HubSpot Professional, Wistia

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