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Attract the Right VisitorsAfter we’ve nailed down your company’s strategy, the next big category of Inbound Marketing Services revolves around how to attract the right visitors.

Website Copywriting

Once Buyer Personas have been developed, we’ll have a really good idea of the demographics, pain points, values, goals, purchasing habits, and objections of each kind of potential client.

All of this research becomes an incredibly-valuable part of Website Copywriting -- creating the words that motivate website visitors to take action.

While Website Copywriting is a critical make-or-break consideration on nearly every page of a website, strong copywriting isespecially critical for the main web pages and landing pages.

Because SP Home Run has a broad and diverse IT channel client base, literally all over the planet, we offer Website Copywriting that’s localized in your choice of either American English or British English.

Blog Writing

Writing blog posts about the questions, problems, and pain points that your company’s Buyer Personas have is the best way to attract targeted website visitors.

However if your goal is to generate highly-targeted leads, good content by itself isn’t enough.

Blog Writing needs to be planned and undertaken with great care.

For fully managed blogs that SP Home Run oversees on behalf of clients, there are over 20 different criteria that come into play for a successful blog post that’s optimized the

  1. Website visitor

  2. Search engine

  3. Lead generation call to action (CTA)

And again, because SP Home Run has a broad and diverse IT channel client base, literally all over the planet, we offer Blog Writing that’s localized in your choice of either American English or British English.

SEO: On-Page Optimization

When copywriting for web pages and blog posts, our first priority is to give website visitors a huge reason to stay -- so we emphasize readability, engagement, and conversion. Then and only then does On-Page Optimization (SEO) come into play.

For On-Page Optimization to be effective, it’s very important to use the targeted keyword for each web page or blog post a few times in the right strategic locations. However overdoing the optimization (commonly known as “keyword stuffing”) is not only ahuge turnoff for readers, over-optimization can cause visitors to “bounce” out of your website. And the major search engines also often severely penalize websites that blatantly over-optimize web pages or blog posts.

As part of the Inbound Marketing Services that SP Home Run provides for its clients, we make sure that On-Page Optimization isproperly executed on a site-wide basis in all of the important locations including:

  • Title

  • Description

  • Keywords

  • Tags

  • Image Alt Text

  • Image filenames

  • Headings and subheadings

  • Body

  • Bold Text

  • Internal and external links

Also worth noting: SP Home Run’s SEO: On-Page Optimization is

  • Supervised by SP Home Run senior consultants that are Inbound Marketing Certified by HubSpot.

  • 100% in accordance with HubSpot On-Page Optimization guidelines (To keep their skills sharp, our senior consultants invest over 80 hours each year on ongoing inbound marketing training with HubSpot.)

SEO: Off-Page Link Building

For years, many have speculated that links will become less important to how Google organically ranks websites. However as of now, links are still very important signals for search engine rankings.

As part of the Off-Page Link Building (SEO) that SP Home Run does on behalf of clients, we build both internal links and external links pointing to various web pages and blog posts on client websites.

For internal links, many times it’s simply a matter of cross-linking related web pages and blog posts together. To reinforce the contextual value of these links, the link is attached to anchor text that’s either a perfect match, or near perfect match, to prominent text on the destination page.

For external link building, it’s incredibly important for links to be so highly-relevant and so squeaky clean that you’d have no problem explaining their merit to either someone from Google or a competitor.

Because Off-Page Link Building is an area that makes some people nervous (because there are so many ways to get in trouble!), SP Home Run is happy to, on request, have clients review and approve the specifics of link-building campaigns before they start.

For external links, all SEO: Off-Page Link Building is

  • Supervised by SP Home Run senior consultants that are Inbound Marketing Certified by HubSpot.

  • 100% in accordance with HubSpot Off-Page Link Building guidelines  (To keep their skills sharp, our senior consultants invest over 80 hours each year on ongoing inbound marketing training with HubSpot.)

When engaging in proactive link building, one of the best ways to gain links is to write guest blog posts that are published on websites that are highly-authoritative for a topic that’s either identical to, or very similar to, the primary topic of your company’s website.

On behalf of and with input from clients, SP Home Run fully manages the entire guest blogging process that’s critical for establishing some high authority inbound links. (This is about as “white hat” as you can get!)

Social Media Marketing

Social media indicators have now become an important ranking factor in terms of how search engines organically rank content.

So if your company hasn’t already started building up a following on one or more social media channels, it needs to get started...yesterday!

Now with highly-popular social media properties, including LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Google+, YouTube, Pinterest, SlideShare, Instagram, and Vine, it can seem overwhelming to be “everywhere.”

Does your company need to be represented and active on all of the Social Media Marketing channels?

Generally no. But your company should make sure that it has an active presence on the social media channels where your buyer personas already are.

How do you know which social media channels these are? Quite simply, you ask. (Buyer persona research includes questions about social media participation and frequency of participation.)

Because social media channels often involve lots of interaction with leads and clients, SP Home Run can:

  • Prepare and oversee its clients social media marketing strategy -- so that it fully supports and enhances inbound marketing campaigns and the sales cycle as a whole

  • Prepare status updates, posts, and other content to be shared across various social media challenges

  • Provide highly-customized social media marketing training and support to clients

  • Assist clients in understanding which interactions need attention from which parties within their company

  • Evaluate social media marketing metrics to see what’s working and what’s not -- so clients can “double down” on the successes and eliminate the “non-successes”

Presentation Development

Visual content is hot! For IT channel companies that target B2B decision makers, one of the most effective kinds of visual content is presentations. And the big kahuna in the world of presentation hosting is SlideShare -- which was acquired by LinkedIn in 2012.

But the real reason to pay attention to Presentation Development is SlideShare’s enormous reach. According to Wikipedia and Alexa, SlideShare is among the top 200 most popular websites in the world (and inching closer to the top 100) -- with some very high profile users -- basically a “who’s who” of the IT channel including leaders such as Dell, HP, IBM, and Microsoft.

As an essential part of SP Home Run Inbound Marketing Services, all Presentation Development focuses on creating highly engaging, remarkable content. However we take it up a few notches from there.

Each presentation is focused on lead generation: promoting a highly-relevant premium content asset throughout the presentation (header or footer) and prominently as the final slide.

For example, if the presentation slide deck is about the “Top 10 Ways Dentists Use Managed IT Services to Grow Their Practices”, the lead generation call to action (CTA) would be for a more in-depth e-book or webinar recording on the same or a very similar topic. (For example “The Ultimate Guide to Managed IT Services for Growing Dental Practices”)

Besides lead generation, it’s incredibly important to get the SlideShare SEO right for two reasons:

  1. Because SlideShare is so incredibly popular, your presentations hosted on SlideShare often have a much better chance of ranking on page one of Google search engine results pages than if that same content was in a blog post on your own website.

  2. SlideShare, like most social media sites, does an incredible job of recommending related content. So if a SlideShare visitor just flipped through someone else’s presentation on “Malware Prevention Tips for Dentists”, there’s an excellent chance that your presentation on a very similar topic will be recommended for viewing next.

To create awareness of newly created presentations, SP Home Run embeds presentations in related blog posts and announces presentations on client social media channels.

Finally, it’s worth nothing that one of the most widely-overlooked low-hanging fruit for Presentation Development: most how-to blog posts make excellent lead-generating SlideShare presentations. SP Home Run can fully manage this process to help clients get more mileage and visibility from their awesome blog post content.

Screencast Production

Besides Presentation Development, as part of the Inbound Marketing Services that capitalize on people’s inherent love of visual content, SP Home Run also fully manages Screencast Production.

While traditional video production can be relatively expensive and time-consuming to do at scale, Screencast Production is much faster and a lot more cost-effective, with still very powerful lead generation results.

In many ways, Screencast Production can pick up where Presentation Development leaves off.

If you think of Presentation Development as being created primarily to spread content on SlideShare, Screencast Production is created primarily to spread content on an even more popular website than SlideShare: YouTube.

According to Wikipedia and Alexa, YouTube is actually the third most popular website on the planet -- beating out Internet powerhouses like Yahoo!, Amazon, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Bing.

So, your content needs to be on YouTube.

And again, just as with Presentation Development, one of the most widely-overlooked low-hanging fruit for Screencast Production is taking how-to blog posts and repurposing them as lead generating screencasts.

Some clients prefer to provide their own voiceover track for Screencast Production. (Our copywriters can create a custom script.)

Or for those clients that prefer SP Home Run to fully manage the process, we’re able to offer voiceovers in your choice of either a male or female voice, with an American accent or a British accent.


While social media and digital marketing in general has drastically changed the entire public relations (PR) industry, PR is still a very important channel for directly reaching various stakeholders -- including but not limited to journalists, editors, reporters, and producers.

As an essential Inbound Marketing Service, SP Home Run writes two different kinds of news releases:

  1. Traditional news announcements, such as when a client announces an upcoming event, wins an award, gains a certification, partners with a new company, makes a new strategic hire, or opens a new location.

  2. News releases that help promote a client’s thought leadership. Many times, this idea comes from a particularly important blog post topic that’s repurposed into a news release. Other times, a news release promotes a new premium content asset -- such an e-book or webinar recording -- and entices the reader with excerpted highlights.

All news releases written by SP Home Run are optimized for four purposes

  1. Reader engagement

  2. Search engine optimization

  3. Social media optimization

  4. Lead generation.

In addition to writing news releases, as part of PR-related Inbound Marketing Services, SP Home Run also assists clients with new release distribution.

Our standard distribution -- included in the base price of all monthly SP Home Run Inbound Marketing Services -- gets the release published on a standard news release hosting platform, such as WebWire, SBWire, or OnlinePRMedia.

For clients that want substantially more visibility, we also can provide add-on premium services for top-tier news release distribution channels, such as PR Newswire or PRWeb -- and even manually distribute news releases to meticulously hand-selected journalists, editors, reporters, and producers.

And although it’s really more outbound marketing than inbound marketing, SP Home Run can also, as another additional premium service, provide traditional PR services, where we actively market your pitch to very targeted members of the media, with the end-goal to secure interviews and media mentions.

Depending on clients’ Buyer Personas and areas of expertise, many times directly targeting independent bloggers and podcasters makes even more sense than traditional media.

Podcast Production

Some people like to read blog posts. Others prefer reading through more visually-oriented presentation slide decks. And for many, watching screencast videos is their preferred way of learning what they need to know for their jobs.

But besides blog posts, presentations, and screencasts, there’s actually a fourth very popular format that allows inbound marketing campaigns even more reach: podcasting.

Podcasting isn’t new. Apple iTunes has been supporting podcasts since 2005. And talk radio can trace its roots to the 1930s.

But because of the huge rise in social media and mobile computing, podcasting is more popular than ever.

As part of its Inbound Marketing Services, SP Home Run can fully manage Product Production on behalf of clients -- including strategy, topic planning, recruiting guests (including rotating in clients’ own internal subject matter experts), recording, editing, and distribution.

Similar to how SP Home Run approaches blog posts, presentations, and screencasts, Podcast Production is optimized for four purposes

  • Listener engagement

  • Search engine optimization

  • Social media optimization

  • Lead generation

Co-Marketing Campaigns

Your company has, or should have, a very specific definition of its target market and buyer personas.

Chances are however; your company is not the only one marketing to this same group of potential clients.

Sure, some of the companies that market to this same group of potential clients are in fact competitors.

But many companies and organizations that target similar or overlapping markets are not competing with your company in any way, shape, or form.

The goal with Co-Marketing Campaigns is to identify similar-sized, like-minded firms that target a similar or overlapping market as yours, but don’t directly compete with your company.

Once potential co-marketing partners have been identified by SP Home Run and approved by clients, SP Home Run can begin recruiting potential partners for win/win Co-Marketing Campaigns.

At the most basic level, this can include some very powerful strategies including:

  • Recurring reciprocal guest blogging and podcast appearances

  • Co-authored and jointly-promoted presentations and screencasts

  • Co-produced and co-marketed webinar events

  • Co-authored and jointly-promoted white papers

The appeal of Co-Marketing Campaigns is quite simple. Clients get the opportunity to get their content and voice in front of their partners’ audiences -- and vice versa.

Because Co-Marketing Campaigns are more labor-intensive than capital-intensive, the break-even point on related inbound marketing campaigns can be very low.

However, because they do take significant time and skills to properly plan and execute, SP Home Run offers Co-Marketing Campaigns as a premium Inbound Marketing Service that can be added onto monthly services.

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