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6 Ways South Florida Business Owners Can Host Amazing Events

6 Ways South Florida Business Owners Can Host Amazing EventsHas your South Florida business hosted events for vendors, partners, prospect, and clients? What about trade shows or online events, such as webinars? In this article, you’ll learn how you can host an amazing event and how to prepare ahead for each step of the process.

There are many steps involved in pre-event preparations. The more you prepare for your upcoming event, the better your event will turn out. However, not only is pre-event planning important but when your event is in session, it can be the most critical part of the event planning process.  There are six tips below, recommended by Roberta Ocampo the Event and Field Manager at HubSpot in Sydney, Australia, that will assist you during your event.  

Checking-in Attendees

During the check-in process, you want to make sure that your company is providing simple and quick guidance to all attendees. You also need to be gathering the right attendee data. Capturing data will assist you with future events regarding the planning process and the guest list.

If you have a pre-registered attendee list, have the list with you and be sure to ask for their names when they arrive. For walk-ins, those who are not pre-registered, be sure to get them signed up for the event and fill in all details including their name, company information, and email.

Have name tags available for attendees. For smaller events, with a semi-definitive guest list, pre-printing name tags is fine. However, for large events, you can print name tags on-site at check-in.

 Audience Engagement

During your event, be sure to keep your audience engaged and interested in what they are learning. You can do this through social media. Engage with your audience through Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, etc.

When publishing posts, use hashtags that are equivalent to the abbreviation RUSS. Ocampo says that “RUSS stands for relevant, unique, short, and sweet.”

Ocampo, also recommends using Tweetwall, TweetChat, or to assist in creating hashtags for your events and making them widely known.

On-Site Experience

Right before the start of the event, conduct an AV (audio visual) check. Be sure that you have the appropriate mics, laptops, and other equipment -- and make sure everything is functioning properly. Additionally, check the monitors, screen size, lighting, and stage.

Be sure that the speakers are prepared and ready to go, as well as their presentation. Always have a “run sheet” available to everyone contributing to the event. A run sheet is a list of procedures organized in temporal sequence.

Even if you are extremely confident that everything is perfect and the event will go smoothly, you must always have a backup plan. In case there is a delay or technical issues, be sure that your speakers and team of hosts know what to do under these circumstances.

Moreover, be sure that throughout your event you have plenty of SWAG to hand out to the crowd. SWAG is an engaging and enjoyable tactic to keep your audience happy. Give them a t-shirt if they participate or a coffee mug. People like stuff, although, make sure what you are giving them is useful and serves a purpose.

Demo Opportunities

When your company goes through all the effort to host a live event, be sure that you can show off your company’s product or services. For people who request more information about what your company offers, have a demo station set up with sales professionals who can confidently explain your company’s products and services.


When attending any event, leave a minimum of 30 minutes open to network. While at an event you want to meet new people, especially those with similar interests and backgrounds. You never know people you interact with could potentially spark future business relationships.

Post Event Content Creation and Promotion

After your event, don’t forget to follow-up with your attendees. Send them valuable resources that were mentioned at the event, and request feedback from your guests through an email invitation. Feedback can entail a comment, survey, etc.


Have you ever hosted an event for your South Florida business to gain exposure? If so, what has your experience been? Let us know in the Comments section below.


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