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Jennifer Feinberg

Recent Posts

SP Home Run -- Reflecting on Lessons Learned

As I reflect back on the last seven months or so, I think about the lessons I’ve learned as President and CEO of SP Home Run. I think about the ups and the downs we’ve experienced during the first two and a half quarters of this year as we look ahead towards how we choose to round out this year. And I do believe it is a choice.

Should You Educate Your Larger Clients?

People are more likely to buy products and services from those they trust. Developing a trustworthy relationship with your clients requires you to educate them. Whether they are small or large clients, education is critical.

You should especially be educating your larger clients if monthly recurring revenue is part of your SMART goals; churn is toxic. If you do not want churn, it is critical you delight your clients.

How Data Centers Can Get the Decision Maker's Attention

The best ways for data centers to attract, approach, and get in front of today’s decision makers are to:

  1. Educate prospects on the problems they are experiencing.
  2. Avoid self-interest; focus on the decision maker’s interests and opportunities
  3. Never allow the highest paid person in their organization (the HIPPO) to advise against content that will add value to their prospect’s sales experience

Identify and Connect With Today's Buyer

Sales has changed, and the shift has left buyers in charge of their buying process. Sales professionals can either adapt their processes and learn to align their methods with the empowered buyer or risk getting left behind while scrambling to compete with competitors.

The Inbound Sales Methodology was created to help sales professionals follow the modern buyer’s journey. 

Differentiating Your Data Center in a Crowded Market

Interestingly, if you look at market research firms or conference organizers, they often look at the five or six biggest data center regions in the U.S. as:

  • Northern Virginia
  • Washington DC
  • Dallas, Texas
  • Northern and Southern
  • California
  • Chicago, Illinois

Every once in awhile, you will see them break away from these most popular data center locations. For instance, lately, we have seen a lot more data center activity in the Pacific Northwest, Utah, and different areas of the midwest.

Most Important Factor When Prospecting for Larger Sales

When prospecting for larger sales, differentiation is absolutely critical. If you look at all the consolidation and competitive pricing going on in many industries, it is abundantly clear your business must stand for something different to stand out.

Continue reading to learn how your company can differentiate from your competitors through understanding the buyer’s journey and creating hyper-relevant content.

How Data Centers Generate More Highly-Qualified Leads

For data centers to generate more highly qualified leads and opportunities, they must attract the right strangers as early as possible in the decision-making process. Early discovery grants the opportunity to:

  • Be a guru or teacher
  • Frame how prospects evaluate different alternatives
  • Influence their buyer’s journey as a whole

How Website Lead Generation Supports Sales

At the end of the day, the goals for sales should be to get found early:

Do businesses need a website lead generation program to support sales? Yes

How Data Center Sales Teams Improve Pipeline Activity

To really improve your pipeline activity and results, you and your data center sales team needs a strong grasp on product/market fit. Product/market fit describes how well products and services at the right price points fill market demand.   

People are doing tons of research upfront before they are ready to engage with your sales team. You want to make sure you learn how the buyer’s journey has changed.

How to Improve Communication and Attract Larger Clients

To attract large decision-makers, your goal should be to spark a reaction from them, known as a two-pronged emotional reaction. A two-pronged emotional reaction may sound something along the lines of:

  • “Wow! This blog, ebook, or webinar has been so helpful and was exactly what I was looking for.”
  • “What else do they have to say?”