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Jennifer Feinberg

Recent Posts

Tips for Branding Your Data Center After Acquisition

Are you a post merger and acquisition (M&A) data center?

What should your data center be doing to brand the new company?

Branding a new company involves two highly critical tactics:

  • SMART goals
  • Buyer personas

How Data Centers Improve Website Conversion

To improve your website conversion, you must have premium content, call-to-actions (CTAs), landing pages, and thank you pages. Your content has to attract prospects in all stages of the buyer’s journey, whether they are in the Awareness, Consideration, or Decision Stage.

In a recent Q&A webinar, we addressed concerns of Data Center CEO’s, Sales Directors, and CMOs relating to sales acceleration, discussing this topic in depth. Interested in watching the webinar recording? If so, access it here: Data Center Sales Funnel Acceleration Q&A Webinar.”

How Data Centers Grow Revenue Despite Limited Staff

Despite having limited staff at your data center, you can still grow revenue. It does, however, depend on what you believe is a limited staff.

You must have product/market fit, and it can be extremely painful and difficult at times to achieve product/market fit. To support product /market fit, you need the following for each stage of your buyer’s journey:

  • SMART goals
  • Buyer personas
  • Keyword research
  • Conversion paths (calls-to-actions, landing pages, and thank you pages)

How to Quickly Generate and Close More Identity Management Leads

The key thing at the close phase is: Thou shall segment. 

Segmentation is critical in the closing stage of the buyer’s journey. If you try to use the same message to talk to everyone, it is not going to resonate. The CEO cares about different issues than the CTO, and the CTO cares about different issues than the compliance officer; this means you need to be dialed in and segmenting in a way that makes you hyper-relevant. 

How Data Centers Compete in Local Markets

What can your data center do to compete in a mid-tier city?

For starters, you would need to conduct competitive analysis and identify your core market. Once you obtain a deep understanding of who it is you are trying to attract, you will need to provide customized content for each of your buyer personas.  

How to Generate More Qualified Identity Management Leads

Lead generation begins with buyer personas and the buyer’s journey. 

Let’s say you are trying to attract a CTO, a leader of compliance, and a CEO--these would be your buyer personas. Early on in their sales cycle, the personas are in the early stages of their buying process. Towards the middle, the personas are considering different options before making their way to the end--where they make a purchase decision. This process is called the buyer’s journey, the active process that someone goes through leading up to a purchase. 

How Data Centers Can Get More Executive Support

Data centers should lead with data to gain more executive support. Show how your company compares with various competitors, including:

  • Direct competitors
  • Indirect competitors
  • Non-business model competitors

Remember, once you start going on social media and search engines, there are many companies, organizations, trade publications, conferences, and channel programs writing on topics awfully similar to the topics you want to use to catch your buyers’ attention.

How to Educate Prospects on Your Identity Management Solutions

To help your prospects and clients better understand your identity management solutions and what they specifically do, it is all about educating and building trust at scale.

Educating and building trust with your prospects/clients must be done in the Consideration and Decision stages of the buyer’s journey. These are not issues you will be able to tackle in the awareness stage--where someone is just starting to research a broad-based problem. 

There are tons of assets you can offer to educate your prospects on your solutions. 

How Data Centers Build National Brand Awareness

The web disproves the idea anyone is local.

Obviously, you have your primary locations but may feel (rightly so) there is an advantage to conducting business in other parts of the region—or even parts of the country.

How IDM Companies Can Improve Their Core Messaging

It would be easy for your board members, investors, and C-Level executives to say you have the disruptive technology. However, if the marketplace does not perceive it to be disruptive, is it disruptive? 

A buyer persona is a semi-fictional depiction of an ideal client. Personas are based on real data and light educated speculation. Buyer personas are not just demographics and behaviors. Buyer personas are the aggregation of everything. 

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