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Joshua Feinberg

Joshua Feinberg helps CEOs identify revenue growth opportunities their marketing and sales teams are currently missing. A former content provider for Microsoft Corporation's channel programs and Small Business Server product team in Redmond, Washington, Joshua has spent nearly all of his 27-year career on business development side of the IT channel. Over the past decade, Joshua has authored business development training courses now utilized by over 3,000 SMB technology providers worldwide. Joshua wrote the groundbreaking book Building Profitable Solutions with Microsoft BackOffice Small Business Server and bi-weekly VAP Voice online columns that helped shaped Microsoft’s small business partner strategy, product marketing strategy, and ultimately the managed services business model. Besides being an early adopter of content marketing and Inbound marketing, since 2008 Joshua has developed integrated, full-funnel, lead generation and sales acceleration programs that drive scalable, predictable revenue growth. Joshua holds HubSpot Certifications on Inbound Marketing, Inbound Sales, HubSpot Marketing Software, HubSpot Sales Software, HubSpot Partner, and Growth Driven Design (GDD) --- and the first HubSpot Accredited Trainer in Florida. Joshua is on the AFCOM Miami board, co-leads the Palm Beach County HubSpot User Group and is a former board member of the Florida Direct Marketing Association. He’s been quoted in the USA Today, CRN, VAR Business, Washington Times, South Florida Sun Sentinel, and AICPA Journal of Accountancy. Joshua has also written bylined content for Data Center Knowledge, WHIR, Microsoft Certified Professional Magazine, Inc.com, Medical Economics, Windows NT Magazine, and served as a contributing editor for Selling Windows NT Solutions Magazine.

Recent Posts

What Is Your Average Cost of Client Acquisition or COCA?


What is your average cost of client acquisition -- otherwise known as COCA? Your average COCA is an important metric to track.

To track and define your company’s average COCA, take your marketing, sales, business development expenses, and investments over the previous twelve months (or some period you can stay consistent with).

When to Pass a Lead to Your Sales Team

The problem with passing every lead to your sales team is that some leads will be qualified and some will not. Without filtering through leads, it becomes very easy for sales teams to generalize and say their leads are bad -- making it difficult for them to have an open mind. 

Inbound Marketing vs. Inbound Sales

A business is not done once it generates a client or revenue source.

We live in a world where what you say about your brand is no longer what your brand is. Google coined this instance the ZMOT (Zero Moment of Truth).

Does Average Client Lifetime Value (LTV) Really Matter?

To a great extent, average client lifetime value (LTV) dictates what kinds of marketing and sales activities you can afford. Often, many companies have business model problems that need to be addressed before they can undertake an inbound initiative.

Is It Important for Everyone to Be on LinkedIn?

Are You Driving All of Your Website Visitors to a Contact Us Page?

Are you driving all of your website visitors to a contact us page? You could almost put air quotes around “driving.” When we see this, it’s not because the company has made a conscious effort to drop the ball. It’s because they simply did not know what to do to achieve their goals.

Why Your Search, Social, and PPC Failed Miserably

What happens if you start doing SEO, social media, or Google AdWords advertising, but you have no content? Or context?

Usually very little. Here’s why.

4 Ways to Grow a Healthier Colocation Business

The way people research and make data center purchase decisions has changed drastically during the past three years.

In the past, various kinds of influencers and decision makers would be involved in intense conversations and vendor evaluations very early in the buyer’s journey.

Today, these same prospects and clients are doing tons of self-directed research on search engines and social media -- so much so, that as much as 70% of their mind is already made up before you are even looped into the conversation.

This shift in buyer behavior presents a big challenge for colocation businesses, but it is also a big opportunity if you can get in front of the right people, at the right time, in the right places, and most of all, in the right context. 

How Colocation Providers Can Analyze Their Competition and Support Their Buyer’s Journey

The colocation market is steadily changing, as entities such as colocation, enterprise hosting, private cloud, and managed services begin to merge and intertwine.

Where each enterprise once held different markets, clients, business models, and offerings, the line continues to blur as each competitor strives to hold their stake in the market.

This competitive atmosphere makes it essential for colocation providers to stay on task, identify the right clients and partners, and maintain their pricing power.

Colocation Strategies for Optimizing Services, Target Market Selection, and Remaining Competitive

Managed service providers and colocation providers once operated in unrelated markets, targeted different clients, and performed separate services. Today, the lines continue to blur as colocation, enterprise hosting, private cloud, and managed services serve the same/similar markets.

Many colocation providers express difficulty staying on task, identifying the right clients and partners, and maintaining pricing power.

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