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Best Practices for Optimizing Social Media

Best Practices for Optimizing Social Media

Hubspot’s 2016 Inbound Sales Day featured LinkedIn’s Head of Enterprise Sales Vernon Bubb to touch on some key points for optimizing your LinkedIn profile.

Bubb’s tips can help businesses generate trust with their leads, help sales teams approach prospects, and help give businesses a clean and unified look through their social media.

Invest in Social Selling

Hubspot’s 2016 State of Inbound Report reveals 42% of buyers use media platforms for business purposes. Many businesses recognize the importance and potential of being connected on platforms such as Twitter and LinkedIn.

Furthermore, the report states, “Sales teams growing more than 50% are more likely than any other group to identify LinkedIn as a valuable sales connection channel.” That being said, it is not enough to simply be on social media. Businesses should invest in social selling to ensure their presence online is well-received.

Hubspot’s report ranks LinkedIn (90%) as the most frequently used social networking platform for businesses followed by Twitter (78%), Facebook (74%), and Google+ (51%).

A business should be paying equal attention to both sides of the spectrum. While sales are important, they are harder to generate without marketing. Likewise, marketing is only effective when there is a strong sales team to help develop those leads.

It is important to grow your businesses’ online presence to remain relevant in our tech-driven society and may prove to be useful in guiding your approach to prospects.

Use Social Media as a Research Tool

Social platforms provides the perfect setting for scouting out competition and prospects. Social networking platforms tend to have a more casual setting and language than of used in regular business settings. Use social media to learn more about your prospects and competitors. Observe things like:

  • How they engage with others
  • What kind of content they promote
  • How often they post online
  • What times they tend to be online

All of the above can be useful in guiding how to approach prospects and can even help bring talking points to light based on their interests or affiliations.

Encourage Social Networking Usage

“All salespeople should be looking up their customers on LinkedIn before they speak to them,” advised Bubb, “They should connect to customers and – where possible—follow customers.”

When businesses do not have social accounts, many consumers view them as untrustworthy or irrelevant, a problem that is easily fixable by remaining active on online media platforms. Bubb also encourages businesses to have their employees list their employer on their LinkedIn accounts because it gives the company’s LinkedIn profile more authority.

Bubb also encourages employers to monitor their employees’ social media habits because they are a direct reflection of the business. “For the marketing department, I think the key thing, first of all, is to help sales people’s profiles and make sure they’re excellent,” said Bubb. “The first thing potential customers do when they see that salespeople have looked at their profiles is look back at the sales person’s profile, so the sale peoples’ profiles need to be a fantastic representation of the company they work for.”



Does your business use LinkedIn or Twitter to research prospects or scope out competition? Let us know in the Comments below.



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3 Revenue Growth Opportunities Your Business May Be Missing

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