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Fast-teks Franchise Offers IT Opportunities for Non-Tech Entrepreneurs


Fast teks Franchise Offers IT Opportunities for Non Tech EntrepreneursIf you are interested in entering the IT industry as an entrepreneur but do not have lots of technical experience, a Fast-teks franchise may be just the ticket. You can use your core business experience and leadership from another industry, and with the support of Fast-teks, bring the capabilities of a top-tier, national IT services company to your local area in the United State or Canada.

When getting started, many franchise owners tend to have existing relationships with local businesses to which they can market the Fast-teks services approach.

In addition, entrepreneurs who are strong marketers and able to leverage online networks can rapidly grow a strong, local computer services business without having to focus on the technical aspects of the business. 

Fast-teks franchisors work hard to build a pool of talented technicians, so when you set up a new franchise location, you will already be connected to an existing team of IT professionals who can service all of the computer support areas that Fast-teks covers.

The services provided by this computer franchise operation include:

  • Computer sales

  • Data backup and recovery

  • DSL and cable modem setup

  • Intuit QuickBooks installations

  • Remote services

  • Software training

  • Consulting

  • Virtual support

  • Virus, worm, and spyware removal

  • Website design, development, and hosting

  • Wireless networking

Other benefits to buying into a computer service franchise like Fast-teks include:

  • Ease of set up

  • Employee hiring planning and support

  • Faster path to revenue

  • National referral network

  • Strong brand recognition

  • Technical support

If you are considering the franchise path for your next business, give a serious look into one of the larger, well-established computer franchise operators such as Fast-teks, but always be sure to consult with your attorney and your accountant before investing in any computer franchise.

Are you looking into buying a computer franchise, or “leasing,” as it’s technically called? Or do you already own a franchise like Fast-teks? If so, what’s most helpful? Please share your thoughts in the Comments area below.


Creative Commons Image Source: flickr Jimmy_Joe

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