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8 Computer Consulting Services with Great Facebook PagesBy now, most well-established computer consulting services companies have some kind of Facebook business page presence. Some of these Facebook pages are great, many are mediocre, and quite a few need a complete overhaul. 


In this post, you’ll be introduced to eight great Facebook pages. And we’ll highlight a few key points on each to help you apply these lessons to your own company’s Facebook page. 



Xact I.T. Solutions

Xact I.T. Solutions (Blackwood, NJ, USA)Xact I.T. Solutions (Blackwood, NJ, USA) Small business owners looking for new computer consulting services providers shouldn’t have to guess what a company does. The website and social media profiles should succinctly deliver the elevator pitch, above the fold. The Facebook page for Xact I.T. Solutions accomplishes this with high marks, including the logo, company name, tagline (“There are no IT problems. Only IT solutions.”), target market (“Supporting SMBs Technology in Philadelphia & Beyond”), and bullet points of six provided services, including managing IT services, offsite backups, data recovery, website design, website marketing, and managed social media. And when you see that last bullet point—managed social media—you realize why Xact I.T. Solutions had better have a great Facebook page! Recent posts include “Happy Tech Tuesday! Trivia,” mobile platform and app news, and a contest to have a free mobile app developed for your business.



SoHo It Solutions

SoHo It Solutions (Darlington, UK)SoHo It Solutions (Darlington, UK) Its cover photo resembles an unfinished wooden wall, sparsely covered with four small colored squares, presumably to cleverly mimic the look of Post-It notes. Three of the four squares are bulleted lists of computer consulting services provided by SoHo It Solutions, plus an About Us square. In addition to faceless avatars, there’s a faux employee ID badge with a square picture, owner’s name, company name, and logo. SoHo It Solutions wins extra points for its smaller profile photo, which includes not only the company logo, but also its phone number, mobile number, and a thought-provoking question, “Having problems with your IT?” Within the post’s content, you’ll find current events of interest to local small business clients, various IT warnings about data protection, screenshots of recent website design projects, and short summaries of how the company is currently helping its clients with more broad-based IT needs.



SEN Technologies

SEN Technologies (Meridian, ID, USA)SEN Technologies (Meridian, ID, USA) With an attractive cover photo and matching profile picture, SEN Technologies makes a good first impression. Their Facebook page is populated with posts on cloud computing, offline networking with local organizations, small business tips, and reseller partner recruitment. 







Productive Corporation (Minneapolis, MN, USA)Productive Corporation (Minneapolis, MN, USA) With thousands of likes and dozens of varied posts so far this year, Productive Corporation is doing some great stuff on its Facebook page. It starts with a striking cover photo of a street corner, presumably the building where this computer consulting services firm is located. (Baseball fans would love this venue, as the company is just a stone’s throw away from Target Field, home of the Minnesota Twins.) When the company promotes a webinar, not only is there a t-shirt bribe (certainly one way to ensure you’re getting real addresses!), there’s an engaging photo of a person spraying cleaning fluid with the timely caption “some spring cleaning.” Loaded with photos and cartoons, you can find a photo of Productive Corporation’s trophy for winning Kaspersky Lab 2011 Partner of the Year. You’ll even find a photo caption contest to win a Magic Geek Ball. Oh, and I’d be remiss if I didn’t tell you to check out the off-beat and incredibly innovative marketing campaign the company’s launched around EndPEBCAK.org.

Note: As of the time of publication, you must be logged into Facebook to see the Facebook page for Productive Corporation. (Mandating a Facebook logon to see a particular Facebook business page, similar to Twitter and its protected tweets setting, is the subject of a whole separate debate. SP Home Run Inc. leaves its Facebook business page and Twitter profile wide open for everyone to see, as we don't believe in limiting access to top-of-funnel marketing campaigns.)



PCR Business

PCR Business (Glasgow, Scotland)PCR Business (Glasgow, Scotland) The Facebook page for PCR Business begins with an attractive and informative cover photo that includes the company name, logo, tagline (“your IT department”), and five detailed bullet points: IT roadmap and planning, project management, network design, server, PC, and Mac support and maintenance (with PROActive monitoring), and disaster recovery and business continuity. A recent post asks, “Worried when you step into the office? Is your IT going to work when you need it to?” while a few days earlier sharing a thank you email from an appreciative customer. Just like other great Facebook pages from various computer consulting services firms, PCR Business asks a lot of questions, designed to elicit a response from those who’ve liked the page. “If your server was to fail this morning, are you prepared?” Scrolling back a little further, there’s a photo album from The Great Glasgow Treasure Hunt sponsored by PC Repair Glasgow, some light-hearted cartoons about cloud computing, and a great picture of the PCR Business celebrating eight years in business.




Hyphenet, Inc. (San Diego, CA, USA)Hyphenet, Inc. (San Diego, CA, USA) Above the fold, this Facebook cover photo is attractive, with a green background that complements the yellow and green colors of the smaller profile photo. Within the cover photo are small, medium, and large photos with rounded corners, with a data center, group of people gathered around a PC, and a gentleman in front of an exceptionally tidy structured cabling patch panel or switch. The dominant text in the cover photo proclaims, “Building a Better Network” with logos and credentials for its participation in Dell and Apple partner programs. The bottom right-hand corner of the cover photo for Hyphenet, Inc. asks, “Did you know? We offer computer repair services in the San Diego area?” The only omissions: there’s no company name in either the cover photo or smaller profile photo. Now within the posts, there are many data security IT warnings for end-users, just as often seen on other Facebook pages of various computer consulting services. The company also frequently intersperses day-of-week messages such as “Happy Monday!,” “Happy Hump Day! Having a good week so far? :),” “Happy Friday!! Are you ready for the weekend?!,” and “Happy Friday, everyone!! :) Did you have a good week?”



ConvexSERV Technology Solutions

ConvexSERV Technology Solutions, LLC. (Forked River, NJ, USA)ConvexSERV Technology Solutions, LLC. (Forked River, NJ, USA) This Facebook page does an exemplary job of humanizing computer consulting services. You’re immediately greeted with a cover photo of four smiling, very friendly-looking team members...three of the four of which are wearing polo shirts embroidered with the company logo. You’ll also find some posts and a picture about a recent visit to a local elementary school’s Career Day. There’s a contest to win a website welcome video. And there’s a picture of a summer-themed flyer, complete with QR code, asking “Computer issues on your Vacation?!?” (ConvexSERV is located in a resort destination area at the Jersey Shore.) And there’s even a post and picture helping to sell Girl Scout cookies for a local troop. Yum!



Computer Connections

Computer Connections (Staunton, VA, USA)Computer Connections (Staunton, VA, USA) Do you feel engaged when someone asks you a question? Yeah, we thought so. Asking questions is a classic copywriting technique that Computer Connections uses well in its recent posts to its Facebook page. “Business wireless network overwhelmed?” “Have business related databases, pictures, etc. that you do not want to lose?” “Need a wired and/or secured wireless network installed?” While this computer consulting services provider is relatively new to Facebook and could stand to improve its cover photo, definitely check out how Computer Connections asks questions. While this company needs to increase its number of likes and secure its own vanity URL, it does well with asking questions, doesn’t it?

Note: Again, as of the time of publication, just as with Productive Corporation, you must be logged into Facebook to see the Facebook page for Computer Connections. 



Summing Up

So what do most of these eight great Facebook pages have in common?

  • There’s a professional-looking cover photo and matching smaller profile photo.

  • The precious cover photo above-the-fold space is used to convey important information such as target market, services provided, professional credentials, and basic contact information.

  • The page is updated with posts on a relatively frequent basis, generally a few times each week.

  • The posts tend to ask a lot of questions, encouraging interaction.

  • Many use contests to drive participation.

  • Posts often are publicizing local community involvement, such as volunteering at schools or sponsoring community activities.

  • Lots of cartoons and photos help to keep the Facebook pages interesting.

  • Many posts are data protection warnings, keeping prospects and customers apprised of the latest IT vulnerability du jour.

  • Several of the computer consulting services sprinkle in curious success stories and testimonial emails.

  • Some of the Facebook pages include time-sensitive promotions for products or services, but most do relatively little selling within their posts. 

Do you know of other computer consulting services with great Facebook pages that we may have overlooked? If so, please nominate the company and its Facebook page in the comments section below.


And to follow-through on the tips introduced in this short article, be sure to watch the Inbound Revenue Acceleration Webinar for Managed Services & IT Consulting.

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Image Source: SP Home Run Inc. Facebook Business Page

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