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Cloud Computing Sales – Think Outside the Box

Cloud Computing SalesWhat makes a company great at cloud computing sales? It might seem like some companies have a gift for making sales, that they are just innately better at it than you are, but that is simply not the case.

Like most things in business, it comes down to thorough research and knowing your market inside out. After all, making cloud computing sales comes down to your ability to persuade your prospect that you are up to the task and that their business is safe in your hands.

You need to think outside the box and not just attempt to compete on price and by employing sales tactics that play on the client’s fears. Instead, make sure that you address as many of their concerns as possible upfront. Here are some of the most common concerns that you’ll need to allay:

  • Answer questions about continuity of business/exit strategies should you cease to trade or in the event that you merge your business with another cloud computing sales provider. This one seems to come up more often if you’re less established in your marketplace.

  • Have answers to all the main security concerns.

  • Have plenty of social proof to back up your success rates, service uptimes, and so on.

  • Provide easy access for clients to extract their data on a regular basis.

  • Have case studies showing some of the custom solutions that you’ve provided and how your services can integrate with other applications.

  • Provide the ability to switch on and off certain aspects of updates. Recognize that some of the companies that use your services may have another layer of applications on top of yours. So although pushing out updates quickly is a major selling point, it can also be a negative one.

Really step into your client’s shoes so that you can visualize all their needs and concerns. Get all of the information together upfront that will help you to allay these concerns and you’ll find that you have a more effective sales pitch


Does your company have an effective cloud computing sales pitch? Share your thoughts with us in the Comments section.  


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