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Establishing Trusted Advisor Status

Establishing Trusted Advisor Status

For this year’s Inbound Sales Day, Hubspot tuned into PandaDoc’s “Lessons in Trust from the World's Best Closer: The Doctor” podcast. The podcast featured PandaDoc’s VP of Business Development & Partnership Jared Fuller to teach listeners a lesson in business relationships.

The main takeaway: “Trust is the best way to help you close a deal. In Fuller’s broadcast, he explains why a doctor is the ultimate authoritative figure; “Most people trust their doctors,” says Fuller “but it’s kind of backed up by facts.”

Fuller encourages listeners to view themselves as doctors in their practice. After all, we are experts in our industry. If we present ourselves as such and maintain the mentality of a doctor, we can establish trust within our business relationships.

Only 3% of people consider salespeople trustworthy,” says Fuller “Huge problem! And yet over 80% of people consider their doctor trustworthy. What we need to do is bridge this gap.”

In his podcast, Fuller explains how doctors gain their patients trust before moving to the close (a prescription, referral, etc.). Fuller implores us to ditch the typical salesperson’s mindset and instead adopt the mentality of a doctor/industry expert.

Fuller explains the four stages a doctor completes to gain the trust of their patients, these are:

  1. Passion
  2. Facts
  3. Questions
  4. Authority

Doctors rely on these stages to gain a better understanding of their patient and ensure they are helping them to the best of their ability.


“The best doctors with the highest recommendations establish a sense of passion. They’re passionate about what they do, they’re passionate about their patients, and they’re passionate about the kind of treatments that they give. They really believe in these solutions. Patients pay attention to this,” says Fuller.

A passionate salesperson should stand behind their product/service and understand the best way to apply it to a prospect. Passionate salespeople not only know, but care about their trade, business, prospects, and clients. As Fuller puts it, “If you aren’t passionate about helping people with what you sell, good luck performing as well as someone who is.”


“Introducing facts prior to problem solving is essential for doctors,” says Fuller. The same goes for salespeople; prospects do not have any motivation to trust you without credentials. This is where your experience kicks in.

Have a certification? Post it. Have a degree? Flaunt it. Case studies, press, and data should all be accessible to prospects to help ease their initial skepticism. “Try to bring some facts into the situation on how you—as a salesperson—have helped someone,” advises Fuller.


Envision your last visit to a doctor. Was it a routine visit or was there a specific reason for your appointment? More importantly, recall the questions your doctor asked you. Doctors do not ask questions for the sake of asking questions. Doctors ask questions to determine and solve the needs of their patients.

Just as a doctor would not intentionally prescribe the wrong medication to a patient, salespeople should not consider selling unwarranted product/services to prospects for the sake of making a sale.

Salespeople should understand their prospects needs first, before determining the right product/service. This practice will result in the mutual delight of both parties; your prospect will be delighted to find the right solution, and—as a result—may recommend your business to other prospects, leave a positive review, or come back for more services.


Completing medical school is no easy feat. Doctors complete years of training and studying to accumulate knowledge and skills. More than likely, you did too when climbing the steps to become the industry leader you are today.

Along with establishing facts, “Publish thought-leadership content about your industry. Blogs, LinkedIn posts, e-books… Start writing content about the space that you’re in or how you help clients,” advises Fuller. Including personal references, client lists, and published works can also help you escalate to trusted advisor status.



Have you used any of these practices to gain the trust of a prospect? Let us know in the Comments below.



To learn more about inbound sales and how to become a trusted advisor to your prospect and clients, download our eBook "3 Revenue Growth Opportunities Your Business May Be Missing." 



3 Revenue Growth Opportunities Your Business May Be Missing

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