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Which Boca Raton CPA Firms Have the Best Websites?

How many people do you know that prefer to make a dinner reservation with OpenTable as opposed to a phone call? How many do you know that book entire vacations -- hotel, airline flights, and car rentals without talking to a single person? Don’t you think the same people are going to go to a search engine or social media when looking for a Boca Raton CPA firm?

Is Your Marketing Agency Focused On the Wrong Priorities?

For most companies that hope to compete and grow in the next several years, you basically have three choices for how you can address marketing, demand generation, keeping the top, middle, and bottom of your funnel filled at healthy levels -- levels that make your sales team, CEO, and leadership team happy.

Which Mediums Are Most Effective for Connecting with a Buyer?

Finding the right social media platform should not be based on a CEO’s opinion -- or any opinion for that matter. Finding the right medium entails researching to determine where your buyers are or whomever you are trying to attract. It’s about figuring out where potential clients, channel partners, students, donors, or whomever the stakeholders you are trying to attract are.

The Best Way to Grow Your LinkedIn Connections

Growing your LinkedIn connections is a quality over quantity game. However, recognize, until you get to the point of 500 plus connections, you are kind of in the newbie group. It is important to get to over 500 connections, but, at the same time, connect with the right people and building meaningful relationships.

How Many Times Should Sales Attempt to Connect With a Buyer?

There is a lot of data on the optimal number of times to connect with a buyer, but the answer is not clear-cut. The number of times you decide to connect with a buyer depends on what you are looking to do, which could be to optimize for a certain buyer persona in the relative economic value of your company.

What is Product/Market Fit (PMF)?

Product/market fit is the degree to which a company knows:

  • Who their ideal clients are
  • What price points their buyers purchase products at
  • How often their buyers purchase their products (durations)

What Is a Buyer Persona?

A buyer persona is a semi-fictional representation of one of your ideal clients based on research and educated speculation.

Why Blog?

The way people conduct research and make purchase decisions has changed drastically in the last couple of years. This changes started in 2007 with the release of the first iPhone.

Does Your Marketing Team Have the Right Talent, Technology, and Strategy?

Many small companies have a single in-house marketing person or are about to hire their first in-house marketing person.

A lot of times the CEO does not realize the changes in buyer behavior, where as much as 70% or more of their research and decision making is now over before they are ready to speak with you.

Should an Email Follow Every Connect Attempt?

The classic follow-up approach is communicating by phone. However, what most people tend to find is if you send an email at the same time or immediately following when leaving a voicemail, it can help raise responses.

Think about it, when someone receives a voicemail message from you, it is much easier for them to reply with a one or two-word response as opposed to finding a convenient time to pick up the phone and call you back.