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Producing a Computer Invoice Template – What to Include

You should make sure you have a good computer invoice template if you sell computers to your customers. This applies whether you build computers yourself, or resell those from well-known manufacturers. A good computer invoice template makes it clear to customers exactly what they have purchased, and reduces the chances of disputes and follow-up queries later on.

Competing with Computer Repair Pricing from Office Depot’s Tech Depot

Do you have a stake in an independent computer repair business? And are you concerned with staying competitive with the repair pricing from retail giants such as Office Depot, Staples, and Best Buy?

Why PC Repair Advertising Can Benefit from Personality

Just how sexy is a service pack upgrade for Microsoft Windows? Or a replacement for a cracked screen on a phone, tablet, or laptop? Sure, good PC repair is appreciated because people can get on with their work again. But to make a real impact, your PC repair advertising may need more than just a technical description of skills and repairs offered.

Why Rescue Geeks Differs from a Traditional IT Franchise

If you’re researching the array of IT franchise opportunities out there, you may have come across Rescue Geeks

Rescue Geeks isn’t an IT franchise in the traditional sense, mainly because you can get involved without paying any up-front franchise fees. The Rescue Geeks operation instead makes its money by outsourcing work to you and taking a portion of the revenue.

What Work is Involved?

Computer Services Advertising? It’s All About Questions and Answers

For your computer services advertising to work well, you need to communicate to your prospective customers that you have the answers to their questions.

3 Essential Computer Repairs Practices

If you work in computer repairs, there are certain good practices you would be wise to follow religiously. Computer repairs CAN go wrong, so it’s important to take a few precautions to reduce your chances of awkward situations with clients.

1. Always ensure there’s a backup

Before you undertake any computer repairs, make sure your client has a full and current backup of all their data. If you begin a repair and the hard drive fails by co-incidence in the immediate future you can be sure who will take the blame!

Computer Repair Technician Jobs – Where to Find Them

Are you looking for computer repair technician jobs in your local area? If you have the skills and expertise to fix PCs, perhaps you’re wondering how to capitalize on them?

In this article we discuss three ways to find computer repair technician jobs.

5 Computer Repair Signs Seen Around Town + Related Marketing Takeaways

Often the best inspiration for what to put on your computer repair sign comes from simply observing what others are doing – and taking a more customer-centric approach.

To that end, while I generally don’t go looking for these, every once in a while I come across some snapshot-worthy computer repair signs that I think our blog readers could benefit from.

Desktop Repairs – On Site or Back at Base?

There are commonly two different approaches to desktop repairs. Some IT consultants try to do everything on the customer site, while others prefer to remove the equipment, fix it “back at base” and return it.

This article explores the issue, and gives you a few key points to help you decide the best approach to take when carrying out desktop repairs for customers.

Improve Your Computer Repair Check List with These 17 Videos

When you work in IT support, it’s important to configure and troubleshoot systems as efficiently and consistently as possible. To make this happen, a check list can be a very valuable tool. In this post, you’ll learn about 17 YouTube videos that can help you refine and improve your own computer repair check list:

  1. 5 Steps to Resolve a Printer Issue - Great Lakes Computer – As advertised, this slideshow video introduces five simple steps to handle simple printer fixes. And it has an excellent call to action (CTA) for a free 1 hour repair at the end (for qualified business customers). 

  2. The Computer Repair Tools Needed to Start Your Business (Screencast) – While many looking to get started in PC repair procrastinate because they think they lack the proper tools, you shouldn’t get stung by this same limiting belief. Find out which tools you actually do need and why you may be a lot better equipped than you realize.

  3. Computer Repair Washington DC - The Accessory Store – The short video walks through troubleshooting an Acer netbook that won’t boot up into Microsoft Windows XP.

  4. 5 Ways Your Online Computer Repair Service Can Shine (Screencast) – If you do more than just computer repair and you actually own your own PC repair business, use the tips in this screencast to make sure you differentiate your service from the competition. 

  5. Basic Computer Troubleshooting Steps – While it seems to lack an audio track, this short screencast walks through some simple steps to troubleshoot a PC where the Microsoft Windows OS has frozen up. 

  6. 6 Computer Repair Tools That Every Technician Should Carry (Screencast) – Wondering what should be in your tool bag? This screencast video introduces you to six important contenders. 

  7. Computer Repair Steps to Speed Up Computer –This video tutorial walks through seven simple steps that you can take to speed up most PCs.

  8. Should You Use a PC Repair Disclaimer? Some Food For Thought (Screencast) – If you’ve thought about risk management, you may have kicked around having a disclaimer. While this isn’t legal advice, this screencast gives you some important points to ponder. 

  9. Computer Troubleshooting Techniques for the Professional IT Tech – In this video tutorial, a 25-year IT veteran walks you through how he approaches the mindset needed to successfully troubleshoot PCs. 

  10. Running a Computer Repair Shop - The Importance of Documentation (Screencast) – If you run a computer shop, one of the best ways to improve your computer repair check list over time centers around keeping good documentation.

  11. Hard Drive MaintenanceEli the Computer Guy teaches an in-depth class on why all computer repair technicians need to pay attention to hard drive issues.

  12. Hiring Computer Repair Technicians -- Choosing the Right Staff (Screencast) – You personally can’t be “everywhere” at once. And every once in a while, you’re sure to want or need a few days off. Watch this screencast to learn about screening and hiring PC repair techs for your staff. 

  13. How to Diagnose Any Computer Issue AKA Computer Repair 101 – Watch this troubleshooting video on a PC that won’t boot up…in this case, following a repair started by a customer. Pay close attention to what’s described as the “50% rule.”

  14. Mobile Computer Repair -- Getting Started (Screencast) – If you do door-to-door PC repairs, this screencast brings up five important items to make sure you’ve brought along. 

  15. PC Repair Checklist (Glossary Definition) (Screencast) – Get a quick overview of what a PC repair checklist is and what you may want yours to include.

  16. Laptop Computer Repair| Checklist | Free Techniques – In this webcam recording, you’ll learn a few tips on how to proceed with laptop repairs using the least expensive fixes first: battery pull outs, RAM “stick” troubleshooting, and avoiding static discharge.

  17. Offering Laptop Repair Services -- Things to Consider (Screencast) – If you’re thinking that you can just simply add laptop repairs to your repertoire, consider the issues raised in this screencast. 

With the rapidly changing pace of technology, especially in the areas of mobile computing and cloud computing, your computer repair check list will need to evolve over time. What works today may need serious revisions just about every year or two.

However you can use this list of 17 related YouTube videos to get started on building a PC repair check list that helps you work efficiently and consistently. And if you own a computer repair business that employs multiple technicians, a good check list becomes even more of a necessity to make sure that everyone’s on the same page.


What are the most important steps on your computer repair check list? Please let me know in the Comments box below. 


And to follow-through on the tips introduced in this short article, be sure to download your free copy of the special report on IT Service Contract Secrets for Getting More Repeat Clients and Recurring Service Revenue

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Creative Commons Image Source: flickr Maru es Maru