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Inbound Marketing vs. Inbound Sales

A business is not done once it generates a client or revenue source.

We live in a world where what you say about your brand is no longer what your brand is. Google coined this instance the ZMOT (Zero Moment of Truth).

Why the Modern Buyer Demands Customization

If you want to think of some parallels between Spotify, Netflix, and Sirius Radio versus where most of the SMBs are, the one thing they all have in common is their recurring revenue business models.

The super important aspect of a recurring revenue business model is making sure when a prospect jumps over from an opportunity to a new client; you continue delighting the heck out of them. 

How Website Lead Generation Supports Sales

At the end of the day, the goals for sales should be to get found early:

Do businesses need a website lead generation program to support sales? Yes

How Website Content Generates Trust


When considering what we can do with website content, customer service, and marketing to engender trust, there is a whole bunch of things people are typically looking for to determine whether we are building trust at scale (ordered from most trustworthy to least trustworthy):

  • Information from a services/customer service group
  • Information from a marketing group
  • Information from a sales group
  • Information from a PR group
  • Information from an advertising group

Is Your Marketing Keeping Up with Your Sales?

Hubspot’s 2016 Inbound Sales Day featured its very own CEO, Brian Halligan, to explain how sales have evolved and why it is prudent salespeople follow. In an interview with Michael Pici—Hubspot’s Director of Sales—Halligan explained the difference between sales when he initially started his career (in the 90’s) to today.

“In the 1990’s everyone had a phone on their desk,” explained Halligan, “When you called them something very interesting happened… the phone rang on their desk, they didn’t know who it was from, they picked it up anyway.”

Using Inbound Marketing to Improve Leads

According to Hubspot’s 2016 State of Inbound Report, the biggest challenge for companies around the world is generating traffic and leadsThis problem likely stems from the marketing division, who are typically responsible for generating leads for the sales team.

In turn, the buying stage the sales department struggles the most with is the very beginning. This likely stems from the marketing department passing poor leads to the sales division or from the sales division approaching the prospect too early in their buyer’s journey.  

How Quality Content Pulls People Towards Your Company


One of the most important levers to attracting the right clients comes down to the content your company promotes.

There are all different kinds of content SMBs try to put out there, but the ones who are finding the most success are typically using educational content. 

Are Your Sales and Marketing Teams Aligned?

The data has been tallied, and the results are in. Hubspot’s 2016 State of Inbound Report surveyed over 4,500 participants from around the globe to better understand current marketing practices.

In the report, Hubspot discussed the importance of the relationship between the sales and marketing teams and reported only 22% of companies identify with having their teams tightly aligned.

How Marketing Supports Revenue Growth


The Inbound Marketing Methodology is all about creating scalable, predictable revenue growth. The methodology works by:

  • Attract: Attracting strangers to turning them into visitors (through content or website)
  • Convert: Impressing visitors to get them to convert into leads
  • Close: Begin and nurture relationships with leads to close sales and become clients
  • Delight: Delighting clients, so they become promoters and ambassadors of your brand 

Top Strategies for Dealing with Rejection in the Sales Process

For Hubspot’s 2016 Inbound Sales Day, Hubspot’s Head of Inbound Sales, Michael Pici, interviewed bestselling author Daniel Pink to help viewers maintain a healthy mindset when dealing with rejection in business.

Daniel Pink—Author of ‘Drive: The Surprising Truth About What Motivates Us,' ‘A Whole New Mind,' ‘To Sell is Human’, and more— joined Pici to explain why resilience is the key to coping with and overcoming rejection.

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