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Why Inbound Sales Teams Target Active Buyers

Is your sales team targeting buyers in the spotlight or buyers in the shadows?

The optimal choice is to target buyers who are engaging with your company who are a good fit. Both types of salespeople, legacy and inbound, understand how to find their ideal buyers. However, the next step in analyzing if those particular ideal buyers are a good fit is where legacy salespeople fail and inbound salespeople thrive.

How to Hire the Best Sales Reps

Today, effective selling requires:

  • Listening
  • Diagnosing
  • Prescribing

Your business should be listening to the buyers, decision-makers, and influencers they are trying to attract. When they are engaged in your sales process, perform a rigorous exploratory process, and understand the “why” behind all their conversations so you can prescribe the right advice. 

Does Your Business Have a Strong Corporate Culture?

During the State of Inbound Sales Day, Emmanuelle Skala, the VP of sales for DigitalOcean discussed the vitality of choosing the appropriate employees and sales force for businesses.

During her Q&A video, she spoke about the importance of making sure sales teams fit into the company culture; and shares a set of common core values which are expressed throughout the company.

7 Factors for Marketing and Sales Job Seekers

It can be quite tedious finding the right job, especially one that fits your personal specifications. Most job seekers, today, search for jobs that offer them the opportunity for growth; somewhere they can move up the ladder.

Unfortunately, our job market is not as stable as it was thirty years ago. According to the National Business Research Institute, modern day workers seem to change jobs more often than before due to many diverse reasons including: “better opportunities elsewhere, low job satisfaction, unrealistic expectations of the job or the workplace, lack of challenge or feeling of accomplishment on the job, limited growth opportunities, and poor financial performance of the organization.”

How Exploratory Sales Conversations Leverage Trust

The exploratory stage should be seen as a doctor-patient relationship. You want to leverage your buyer’s initial interest to develop trust and uncover deeper goals through exploratory sales conversations.

You should create exploratory call-guides based on your buyer personas for your sales team to leverage. Once you do, they should be using those guides during the explore phase of the Inbound Sales Methodology to determine whether the buyer is a good fit or a bad fit.

How Inbound Salespeople Identify Leads


Inbound sales professionals personalize and modify their strategies to fit their buyer’s context.

Inbound salespeople acknowledge recent changes in the modern buying process. Where prospects once relied on a sales team to provide resources such as product information, company information, and competitor information, the newly empowered buyer can access all this information, and more, thanks to the Internet and its ease of accessibility.

Today, the average prospect is 70% or more into their sales cycle before reaching out to a sales professional. Often, this leaves the sales team scrambling at the last minute to make an impression or forced to compete on price, unable to prove their value in a short amount of time.

Why Inbound Salespeople Generate More Leads (Part 2)

If you missed part 1 of Why Inbound Salespeople Generate More Leads (Part 1), you can check that out here.

In part 2, we’ll look at the differences among inbound and legacy salespeople as they both work through the buyer’s journey and the Inbound Sales Methodology.

How to Create Content for Buyer's Journey Stages

The buyer’s journey describes the process a prospect goes through when making a purchase decision. It recounts the way a prospect initially became aware of a business, the various options they evaluated, and finally, how they settled on the solution and vendor they chose.

The process consists of three stages:

Why Inbound Salespeople Generate More Leads (Part 1)

The sales department use to hold all the secrets about product and service offerings, and buyers would have to get their questions answered by a sales associate. However, in 2007 when the arrival of the first iPhone made history, our entire sales process changed. 

What change provoked the transformation of the sales process?

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