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Are You Selling Managed Services Like You Did 10 Years Ago?

Selling managed services has changed quite a bit in recent years.

Is Your Managed Services Marketing Getting You Found Early Enough?

The way in which IT decision makers research and make purchase decisions has changed drastically over the past decade. Has your managed services marketing evolved to keep pace with these once-in a-generation changes?

Managed IT Services: Is the MSP Route Right for YOUR Business?

Moving towards managed IT services is proving a popular business choice for many IT service providers. Instead of having clients pay for your services on an “as needed” basis, you sign them up to a long-term contract, and agree to meet all of their IT needs, usually for a fixed monthly fee.

How IT Services Companies Can Transform More Leads Into Clients

Most IT services companies want, and need, more clients. The trouble however is that very few consistently transform their leads into clients. In this post, we’ll look at three relatively simple solutions.

1. Invest in Creating Persona-Centric Remarkable Content

With 57% of the typical sales cycle over before most B2B decision makers talk to any IT services companies, it’s critical for your company to get found early on while prospects are researching board-based problems.

However having a blog or some thought leadership content is no longer a novelty. It’s simply the price of entry. In other words, without a blog and thought leadership content, your company doesn’t get to enter the conversation until the prospect has already made up nearly 60% of their mind.

With so much content saturation out there, billions and billions of web pages, you can’t afford to put up lousy content on your website. If you do, your ideal buyers will back button out of your website faster than you can hit Ctrl + Alt + Delete.

What’s the solution? Create remarkable content that your ideal buyers will actually want to read. And make that content so remarkable that your readers feel compelled to share that content with their friends.

When you have a crisp definition of who your two or three most important ideal buyers are, you’ll want to formalize a buyer persona for each. A persona is simply a semi-fictional representation of one of your ideal buyers.

Does Your IT Services Website Need More Premium Content?

Most IT services websites are starved for more targeted traffic, more qualified leads, and more revenue and ROI. In this post, we’ll examine how you can generate more high-quality leads from the right decision makers by using premium content.

Premium Content Defined

Given that premium content is the fuel behind successful lead generation at scale, what exactly is it?

Premium content is content that’s so valuable to a particular buyer persona that the reader is willing to “pay” for it with their contact information.

Also sometimes called “gated” content because it’s locked up behind a landing page, premium content is a big part of the secret sauce that transforms targeted website visitors into leads.

A good way to think about it: Let’s say you wrote a book on IT Services Best Practices for Healthcare IT. The book ends up being good enough to carry a $49 cover price on Amazon.com.

Your IT services company decides to exhibit at a regional future of healthcare conference attended by thousands of healthcare decision makers. You bring a palette of the books with you (since the book is self-published, your unit cost is in the $3 range) and trade autographed copies for business cards from qualified attendees.

After the conference, on a landing page on your IT services website, you do pretty much the same thing – except instead of getting a physical business card in return for a physical trade paperback book, leads exchange their business card-like information (six to eight form fields) for the PDF version of the book.

How to Sell IT Managed Services to Break/Fix Clients

Many IT service providers are currently keen on moving towards providing IT managed services instead of break / fix services. This is more than just a trend, as it makes real economic sense.

How to Get Your Managed Services Pricing Just Right

Getting your managed services pricing exactly right is a fine balancing act. In an ideal world, people would pay more attention to quality than price, but cost often proves to be a deciding factor when a customer chooses between prospective service providers. 

How to Differentiate Your Managed Services with Syncopation

Most managed services providers face a brutally difficult challenge: standing out in a sea of sameness.

Why Managed Print Services (MPS) Companies Add on Managed Services (MSP) Revenue

Many managed print services (MPS) companies have a similar history. The owner founded the company in the 1980s selling photocopy machines, toner, fusers, and service contracts. All that nifty stuff that ruled the roost before most started caring about the financial, moral, and goodwill benefits of being more environmentally conscious or “green.”

But now with 25+ years of business growth in the books, MPS providers have some interesting forks in the road.

Evaluate Whether You're Kicking or Sticking

Using IT Outsourcing to Offer Software Development

If you’re in the IT business, it’s always sensible to look at how you can diversify your services to maximize your chance of new business. 

However, you may not always have the in-house skills to meet all of your clients’ requirements. This can prove really frustrating, especially if you then have to witness existing clients going off and spending large sums with other service providers.