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Online Events (Glossary Definition)


Online events are what most people would categorize as webinars, GoToWebinar, WebEx, Zoom, webcasts, web briefings, Facebook Live, YouTube Live, Google Hangout. The basic idea is that you're getting a group of people together for the common purpose of experiencing content in a live virtual format.

Social Media Monitoring (Glossary Definition)

Social media monitoring is listening for conversations that are going on in social media. It’s looking for opportunities to be able to add value to those conversations and interact with people that are asking questions and talking about things that are relevant to your business.

Content Creation (Glossary Definition)

What exactly is content creation? Who is content creation for? How do we do content creation? Why should we care about creating content?

Today people are doing tons of research on search engines and social media to try to solve their problems before they're willing to talk to a human being. Yes, people use search engines, social media, and apps on mobile devices as a substitute for human contact if you haven't picked up on that yet!

Buyer Personas (Glossary Definition)


A buyer persona is a semi-fictional representation of one of your ideal clients based on actual research and some educated speculation. The “actual” part of the research is one of the things that gets people tripped up.

Digital Gap Audit (DGA) (Glossary Definition)

What is a Digital Gap Audit? What is a DGA? A Digital Gap Audit is how all new SP Home Run clients start out working with us.

Revenue Growth (Glossary Definition)

 What is revenue growth? Many times, people come to us, and they ask us for help with things that if they really thought through, they probably just aren't thinking far enough ahead.

Sales Cycle Acceleration (Glossary Definition)

One of the problems that we hear about quite frequently are that sales cycles are getting longer and longer and that it's taking too long to close. That's not just a problem that you’re facing, it's an industry-wide economic condition. It has nothing to do with macro conditions like recession or depression.

Competitive Positioning (Glossary Definition)

What does it mean for your company to be competitively positioned?

The reality is most companies have an idea of how they stack up against their competition. However, the problem is that idea may not be one-hundred percent or even fifty percent of the reality.

Thought Leadership (Glossary Definition)

Thought leadership is what separates us from the pack. It’s what allows us to position ourselves, our companies, and our teams as the be-all end-all experts on anything and everything specific to our industry.

Differentiation (Glossary Definition)

Differentiation is interesting because so many CEOs, small business owners, and sales directors usually have a preconceived idea of what sets them apart from the competition.

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