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Identity Management and Inbound Sales Acceleration + Inbound MarketingIdentity management -- also referred to as ID management (IDM) -- help organizations identify users and control access to resources through user rights and restrictions.  

Product managers will often use the acronym IDM to refer to a software suite that provides a comprehensive identification and authorization platform.

However identity management is a lot more than just authentication and needs to include access management, account policy or rule-based authorization, auditing, automation, compliance, governance, inventory management, and reporting.

While identity and access management (IAM) often get discussed in the same context as identity management, access management (AM) is different. While access management does not authenticate users, it does apply access rights through policy to those authenticated users.

TechTarget defines identity management as a way to manage what users are allowed to do on a network, from specific devices, and under specific circumstances.

Gartner explains identity and access management as a security framework that allows the right people to access the right resources at specific times and for specific reasons.

What Clients and Partners Look for When Selecting an Identity Management Provider

When looking for an identity management provider that can deliver the needed software, hardware, and professional services, influencers and decision makers at end user clients and channel partners are largely after the same criteria:

  • A security-first company
  • Agility
  • API publishing security
  • Assistance with getting executive sponsorship (because IDM spans so many enterprise divisions)
  • Cloud support
  • Community ecosystem
  • Compliance reporting including for the U.S. Department of Defense (DoD, Federal Information Process Standard (FIPS), Network Device Protection Profile (NDPP), and Payment Card Industry (PCI)
  • Conference participation with executives presenting their thought leadership at events such as the European Identity & Cloud Conference (EIC), GartnerSec, the Identity Management Conference in Amsterdam, Identity Summit, and (ISC)2 Security Congress
  • Empowerment of CIOs and CISOs with new digital business models and new ways to connect
  • Global presence
  • Industry analyst validation including Gartner IDaaS Magic Quadrant, Major Player in IAM from IDC, and top product leadership from KuppingerCole
  • Identity of things commitment that builds enterprise value
  • Internet of Things (IOT) support
  • Mobile device support
  • Patents
  • R&D and innovation commitments
  • Security by design architecture
  • Transparency
  • World-class client support with multiple channels of engagement

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Why Identity Management Providers Have Seen Their Marketing and Sales Playbooks Disrupted (And How You Can Stay Ahead of the Curve)

As recently as five years ago, identity management providers could fill their sales funnels using traditional marketing and sales tactics such as cold calling, renting emails lists, sending cold emails (spam), sponsoring trade show booths, and buying banner ads.As recently as five years ago, identity management providers could fill their sales funnels using traditional marketing and sales tactics such as cold calling, renting emails lists, sending cold emails (spam), sponsoring trade show booths, and buying banner ads.

However enterprise IT influencers and decision makers are tired of being interrupted by obnoxious marketing and sales teams -- and have gotten really good at blocking you out.

Think about this: When was the last time you made any major purchase -- professional or personal -- where the sales process began with you

  • Receiving a random cold call
  • Receiving a random, unsolicited, commercial email
  • Getting interrupted by an overzealous sales rep at a trade show (when you attended primarily for the education and networking)
  • Getting interrupted by an overzealous website banner ad (when you were just trying to research the solution to a problem)

If you’re like most, you can’t stand the over-the-top, interruptive style that many old school IT companies still use.

But just like you, the influencers and decision makers that you want to attract to your identity management solutions are doing tons of upfront research on search engines and social media before they’re ready to engage with someone from your sales team.

By most accounts, anywhere from 60% to 90% of the decision-making process is over before sales gets looped in.

This presents enormous challenges for sales teams and marketing teams at identity management providers. However, it also presents an enormous opportunity for those that can get found early enough, by the right influencers and decision makers, in the right places, in the right context, and at the right time.

The way to do so is by publishing and distributing helpful, educational content that positions your company as world-class communicators that attract world-class clients.

By most accounts, anywhere from 60% to 90% of the decision-making process is over before sales gets looped in.

How Inbound Sales Acceleration and Inbound Marketing Help Identity Management Providers Grow Revenue Faster

Most identity management providers are at least a few years behind the curve when it comes to their strategy for Inbound sales acceleration and Inbound marketing.

While it’s quite common to see companies think of this as an “SEO” problem, or a social media problem or a “PPC” problem, those ad-hoc tactics on their own don’t grow revenue.

A good way to think of it -- look at your Inbound strategy like a baseball team. You need pitchers, catchers, infielders, and outfielders. 25 players are the standard roster size for a Major League Baseball team.

So if you think of your tactics as players, you might be bringing three players to the field (SEO, social media, and Google AdWords). But how on earth are you going to compete against the other team -- the other identity management providers -- whose roster is fully built-out with the 25 players needed to win?

A solid strategy for sales acceleration in the identity management space needs to address how to:

  • Attract strangers and turn them into website visitors
  • Convert those website visitors into leads
  • Close those leads into new clients
  • Delight those new clients, so you retain them, and they become your best promoters and brand ambassadors, bringing your more strangers


“What gets us into trouble is not what we don’t know. It’s what we know for sure that just ain’t so.” Mark Twain


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