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Nail Down the StrategyWhen considering how inbound marketing services can help your company find clients, retain clients, and grow, the very first place to start is to nail down the strategy.

SP Home Run helps client plan and refine their inbound marketing strategy with the following seven inbound marketing services:

HubSpot Consulting

In order to develop and implement a successful inbound marketing strategy, it’s critical to make sure that the HubSpot software is configured optimally to support each client’s goals.

Many clients new to HubSpot also need help seeing how to align HubSpot’s wide range of features and capabilities with their marketing and sales goals.

HubSpot Consulting is conducted via GoToMeeting to provide clients with a fully-interactive experience, no matter where your company is located, anywhere on the planet!

And all HubSpot Consulting sessions are conducted by senior SP Home Run consultants that are Inbound Marketing Certified by HubSpot.

Survey Design and Analysis

Amateurs guess.

Professionals ask...and test. Lather. Rinse. Repeat.

And what better way to ask than a survey!

With Survey Design and Analysis, we identify a whole bunch of unknowns and prioritize what will make the most immediateimpact on marketing results and the sales process.

From there, we’ll design anywhere from a simple survey with just a few questions -- to something much more substantial if needed.

Also very important...we look at who we want to ask and how we’ll reach this audience.

Once the survey is closed and the responses are in, we’ll analyze the results and create an action plan -- so we can implement this newfound knowledge, enjoy better marketing results, and build towards a much more profitable sales cycle.

Persona Development

Buyer personas are archetypes of your ideal client. Personas aren’t real people. Rather personas represent the kinds of buyers marketing and sales should both be targeting.

As part of Persona Development, we look at demographics, a typical “day in the life of”, pain points, what’s valued most, goals, trusted information resources, purchasing habits, and common sales objections.

Persona Development is so basic and fundamental to the success of inbound marketing campaigns that no copywriting should be started until persona research is complete.

Keyword Research

With all of the incredibly valuable data that’s been collected as part of the surveys and personas, we’re now in a great position to know the exact pain points, values, and goals of targeted decision makers.

We now know many of the best keyword phrases that people just like your buyer personas are most likely to be searching for online.

First as part of Keyword Research, we group together these keywords into “buckets” of related keywords, so we can plan some very targeted inbound marketing campaigns.

Then, we prioritize which keywords will be addressed first by evaluating

(a) The estimated number of monthly searches for each keyword, and

(b) The relative level of competition for each keyword -- in other words, how likely it is to achieve a “top 10” ranking and make it to “page one” of the search engine results pages (SERPs).


So far this list of Inbound Marketing Services has focused on how SP Home Run helps clients Nail Down the Strategy before a campaign is started.

Now we turn our attention to some very important areas to keep tabs on once inbound marketing campaigns are already underway.

Google Analytics measures conversions and sales -- and it provides great insight into how visitors use your website.

But HubSpot Analytics raises the bar up several notches by focusing on what matters most with inbound marketing campaigns:

  • Attracting targeted website visitors

  • Converting those visitors into leads

  • Closing sales with new clients

  • Delighting and retaining clients for life

HubSpot Analytics puts your leads at the center of the marketing universe by building extremely detailed profiles of each lead -- based on touchpoints, sales cycle stage, website visits, e-mail interactions, marketing automation workflows, forms submitted, social media interactions, page views, sources, and conversions.

The level of detail that you will know about each of your leads can truly be amazing...eye-opening...even a little “scary” at times!

But most of all, the progressive profiling capabilities allow you to:

  • Prioritize your time on the leads that are most “sales ready”

  • Focus your conversation on each lead’s strongest demonstrated area of interest and pain point (Even if leads play games by omitting relevant details from the conversation, you’ll know the full story most of the time.)

Website Audit and Optimization

Even websites that seem to be converting well often have many opportunities for very significant incremental improvements.

The goal with Website Audit and Optimization is to drive greater inbound marketing results and much more profitable sales cycles.

To do so, we look with great scrutiny at the most visited web pages and evaluate each of these page’s lead generation potential -- with an eye towards what’s either missing or less than ideal.

What many new to inbound marketing don’t realize is that “small” incremental improvements can make a huge difference over time.

Take for example a basic landing page that’s seen about 100 times each week and has a 15% conversion rate. If a Website Audit and Optimization uncovers a simple test to run on the landing page, that successfully raises the conversion rate from 15% to 25%, that’s 500 more leads per year -- or perhaps another 10 to 50 new clients every year.

That’s powerful stuff!

Sales Funnel Optimization

As part of researching Buyer Personas, we uncover the process that buyers go through when researching and evaluating a product of service like yours. Some call this understanding the “buyer’s journey.”

Once we have an idea of pain points, values, goals, and common sales objections, we can begin Sales Funnel Optimization.

In order to see a big improvement in marketing results, closed sales, and client retention, it’s critical for there to be highly-targeted inbound marketing assets available for:

  • Each Buyer Persona

  • Each stage of the sales cycle (top of the funnel, middle of the funnel, and bottom of the funnel)

So as part of Sales Funnel Optimization, we map out the buying process that each buyer persona goes through. Then we inventory what content marketing assets your company currently has and how each is being utilized.

After we see what gaps need to be filled in to deliver a seamless, frictionless sales process, we’ll build and customize content that automatically moves leads through the sales cycle.

Then, each of these pieces of content is added to custom workflow sequences, specific to each buyer persona -- so that theright kinds of content are delivered to the right leads at the right moment.

In the final stage of Sales Funnel Optimization, we regularly review the relevant HubSpot Analytics so we can see what’s working and. what’s not.

From there, we simply double-down on the winning strategies -- by making them more prominent and widely available. And then we pause or altogether remove the losing strategies.

What's Next?

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