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Retain (Clients for Life)A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away, the role of marketing was “complete” when leads were lobbed over the wall at sales.

Because marketing didn’t “talk” to sales, and sales didn’t provide actionable feedback to marketing, companies wasted obscene amounts of money on horrifically bad marketing and sales efforts.

Today with inbound marketing, it’s a whole different collaborative reality. One of the most important pieces of the puzzle is Closed-Loop Reporting. At the risk of oversimplification,  Closed-Loop Reporting means that when a lead becomes a client, that lead’s record is marked as a client, so that marketing analytics know which campaigns work best for attracting leads that materialize into clients.

In other words, when we say that all leads are not created equal, Closed-Loop Reporting tells you which specific leads are the best. 

(With proper CRM integration, the HubSpot marketing automation software can automatically be notified by the CRM software. Without CRM integration, someone simply needs to update the Lifecycle Stage field, or click the “Close as Customer option.)

But for effective inbound marketing, even Closed-Loop Reporting isn’t the end of the sales cycle. What is? Delighting and retaining clients for life!

Case Studies and Reviews

In the groundbreaking book Influence, author Robert B. Cialdini introduced the concept of social proof. The basic idea with social proof is that people are a lot more likely to do something if they see that others who are similar to them have already take the same action. 

Much of the rationale for collecting and displaying Case Studies and Reviews stems from the pure, unadulterated power of social proof. 

For example, if your company is a managed services provider (MSP) and your niche is dental offices, social proof done right can be extremely effective. 

Put yourself in the shoes of the dentist. If you’re evaluating three different MSPs in your local area, which MSP seems like the best choice?

  • MSP #1 seems very competent, but has no case studies or reviews yet, because MSP #1 just started up last month.

  • MSP #2 has a handful of glowing reviews from clients in all different industries -- including an accountant, an attorney, a cardiologist, and a general contractor.

  • MSP #3 has handful of glowing reviews from clients who are dentists and orthodontists

Even if the pricing structure of MSP #3 is significantly higher than MSP #1 and MSP #2, there’s an excellent chance that MSP #3 will win the business from dentists just about every single time. Why? Because MSP #3 has social proof this can be highly effective with dentists and orthodontists. 

As part of its Inbound Marketing Services that Delight and Retain Clients for Life, SP Home Run can plan and execute an ongoing campaign that

  • Develops case studies in text, audio, screencast, or video formats

  • Get raving fans to leave reviews

  • Promote the Case Studies and Reviews to dramatically speed up the sales cycle that converts leads to clients 


In order to Delight and Retain Clients for Life, your clients need to get great value from your products and services. 

So at the most basic level, once a lead becomes a client, it’s critical to make sure all clients are well-trained on your products and services -- and fully-implemented.

Guides are one of the best ways to make sure that a consistent, easy-to-follow message gets in the hands of new clients at the right time it’s needed. 

As part of its Inbound Marketing Services at the bottom of the sales funnel, SP Home Run can prepare Guides on a variety of IT-related topics and in a variety formats.

In addition to developing Guides, SP Home Run can also help clients make sure the training in the Guides hits the mark on completion rates, implementation rates, and client satisfaction.

Screencast Tutorials

Just as SP Home Run uses Screencast Production as an inbound marketing tool to Attract the Right Visitors, Screencast Tutorials can be used as inbound marketing to Delight and Retain Clients for Life. 

Years ago, marketing and sales professionals often thought that their job was “complete” once a new client was signed on. 

Today’s realities however of recurring revenue-centric IT businesses, client acquisition costs, and social media all point to onehuge theme:

  • Clients whose expectations have been met and exceeded can become highly effective brand advocates that help build businesses.

  • Clients whose expectations have not been met can become extremely vocal detractors that destroy businesses. 

To exceed client expectations and delight clients, Screencast Tutorials can be very time-effective and cost-effective ways to teach clients about how to get the most value out of your products and services. 

Most people in IT channel companies are likely very well aware of how Screencast Tutorials can accomplish these goals. The challenge however is finding the time and in-house skill sets to complete these projects in a timely manner.

As part of its Inbound Marketing Services, SP Home Run can plan, script, record, edit, and produce Screencast Tutorials that Delight and Retain Clients for Life -- so you can get this game-changing content in front of clients sooner rather than later.

Training Webinar Production

In addition to Guides and Screencast Tutorials, live training webinars can also be a highly-effective way to Delight and Retain Clients for Life. 

Again, most in IT channel companies are likely very well aware of how webinars can accomplish these goals. The challenge however is finding the time and in-house skill sets to produce well-attended, engaging online events in a timely manner. 

In much the same way that it offers Webinar Production as an Inbound Marketing Service to Close Sales with New Clients, SP Home Run can also fully manage Training Webinar Production to Delight and Retain Clients for Life.

This includes topic planning, speaker recruitment, date and time selection, Presentation Development, infrastructure setup, multi-channel event marketing, surveying, rehearsal testing, event management, moderation via question pane, polling, recording, editing, and post-event follow-ups -- to ensure that the event was effective.

What's Next?

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