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How You Get More Meetings with the Right Decision Makers

How can your business get more meetings with those who have buying power?

First things first, to you do this the right way:

  • You should not be asking for meetings
  • You should not be begging for meetings
  • You should not be spamming for meetings  

Why Your Search, Social, and PPC Failed Miserably

What happens if you start doing SEO, social media, or Google AdWords advertising, but you have no content? Or context?

Usually very little. Here’s why.

Using Inbound Marketing to Improve Leads

According to Hubspot’s 2016 State of Inbound Report, the biggest challenge for companies around the world is generating traffic and leadsThis problem likely stems from the marketing division, who are typically responsible for generating leads for the sales team.

In turn, the buying stage the sales department struggles the most with is the very beginning. This likely stems from the marketing department passing poor leads to the sales division or from the sales division approaching the prospect too early in their buyer’s journey.  

How Quality Content Pulls People Towards Your Company


One of the most important levers to attracting the right clients comes down to the content your company promotes.

There are all different kinds of content SMBs try to put out there, but the ones who are finding the most success are typically using educational content. 

How to Get Access to Decision Makers

What can SMBs do to get access to decision-makers?

Getting found early is hugely important. One of the biggest challenges involved when it comes to getting found early is it is as if there is this overriding feeling. By the time prospects are looped into the conversation, so much of the sales process and buyer’s journey has already taken place without them.

Does Your Business Have a Strong Corporate Culture?

During the State of Inbound Sales Day, Emmanuelle Skala, the VP of sales for DigitalOcean discussed the vitality of choosing the appropriate employees and sales force for businesses.

During her Q&A video, she spoke about the importance of making sure sales teams fit into the company culture; and shares a set of common core values which are expressed throughout the company.

Are Your Sales and Marketing Teams Aligned?

The data has been tallied, and the results are in. Hubspot’s 2016 State of Inbound Report surveyed over 4,500 participants from around the globe to better understand current marketing practices.

In the report, Hubspot discussed the importance of the relationship between the sales and marketing teams and reported only 22% of companies identify with having their teams tightly aligned.

How Marketing Supports Revenue Growth


The Inbound Marketing Methodology is all about creating scalable, predictable revenue growth. The methodology works by:

  • Attract: Attracting strangers to turning them into visitors (through content or website)
  • Convert: Impressing visitors to get them to convert into leads
  • Close: Begin and nurture relationships with leads to close sales and become clients
  • Delight: Delighting clients, so they become promoters and ambassadors of your brand 

How Do You Attract Website Visitors from Larger Companies?

Before you focus on company size, there are some important prerequisites you should first satisfy. We reach larger companies through four essential processes which include:

  • Buyer personas
  • Product/market fit
  • Metrics
  • SMART goals

7 Factors for Marketing and Sales Job Seekers

It can be quite tedious finding the right job, especially one that fits your personal specifications. Most job seekers, today, search for jobs that offer them the opportunity for growth; somewhere they can move up the ladder.

Unfortunately, our job market is not as stable as it was thirty years ago. According to the National Business Research Institute, modern day workers seem to change jobs more often than before due to many diverse reasons including: “better opportunities elsewhere, low job satisfaction, unrealistic expectations of the job or the workplace, lack of challenge or feeling of accomplishment on the job, limited growth opportunities, and poor financial performance of the organization.”

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