3 Accountants in Boca Raton That Are Digitally-Savvy

While doing the research for the Palm Beach County CPA Market Opportunity Report, we set out to answer the question: “Which Accounting Firms in Palm Beach County Are the Most Digitally-Savvy?” As part of this process, we looked at three accountants in Boca Raton that are, at least on a relative basis, more digitally-savvy than others.

To qualify for inclusion in the report, each accounting practice had to

  • Have its headquarters or a fully-staffed location in Palm Beach County
  • Have its ownership group based in South Florida
  • Have between 5-200 employees
  • Be led by one or more CPAs

Daszkal Bolton LLP (Boca Raton)

As one of the larger firms examined in the report, certainly the largest among these three Boca Raton-based accounting firms, Daszkal Bolton LLP should, in theory, have a lot more resources to present its firm as digitally-savvy.

We found that it did have educational, thought leadership content on its website and made an effort to at least somewhat personalize its approach both by user role and stage of the buyer’s journey.

While it definitely could stand to improve its search engine optimization, if it wants to be found more often by potential clients looking for resources with Google, Bing, and Siri, Daszkal Bolton LLP is doing a much better job with its social media participation than other accounting firms analyzed in the report.

As a result, Daszkal Bolton LLP ended up among the top three ranked accountants not just in Boca Raton, but in Palm Beach County as a whole, when it comes to position its digital presence for full funnel revenue growth and digital infrastructure.

Gerstle, Rosen & Goldenberg P.A (Boca Raton)

Making thought leadership a priority, Gerstle, Rosen & Goldenberg P.A.’s website has educational content and personalizes its content for both visitor’s role and their stage of the buyer’s journey.

As its search engine optimization strategy is a mixed bag, it’s not surprising to see that Gerstle, Rosen & Goldenberg P.A. is not competitive with others analyzed in the report when it comes to attracting potential clients from places like Google, Bing, Siri, Alexa, and Cortana.

This Boca Raton accounting firm also scored near the bottom of Palm Beach County for social media participation.

Grau & Associates (Boca Raton)

Unlike Daszkal Bolton LLP and Gerstle, Rosen & Goldenberg P.A., Grau & Associates’s website doesn’t prioritize educational content or segmentation by role or stage.

This accounting firm in Boca Raton also underperforms when it comes to its search engine optimization and its ability to get discovered by strangers and potential clients looking for answers to questions and solutions to problems.

Grau & Associates is also scoring very low when it comes to social media participation and the appearance of keeping its website content fresh and current.


There you have it: three accountants in Boca Raton with varying degrees of digital savvy.

If a stranger, who’d never heard of these CPA firms, was looking for helpful educational information, which accounting firm do you think would be most findable? What other accounting firms in Boca Raton do you think are digitally-savvy? And why? Please share your thoughts in the Comments section below.

And to learn more about how accounting firms in Boca Raton and throughout Palm Beach County can compete more effectively and aggressively in a digital-first world, be sure to download the free excerpt from the Palm Beach County CPA Market Opportunity Report.

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