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3 Problems Identity Management Solutions Providers Face with Getting Exposure and New Leads

3 Problems Identity Management Solutions Providers Face with Getting Exposure and New LeadsMany businesses fail to thrive because they lacked the knowledge or resources for getting sufficient marketing exposure and attracting new leads.

Marketing online is crucial to becoming and remaining visible to your target buyer, but a lot of identity management solution vendors spend more time on operational activities and do minimal if any marketing.

Here are three problems that identity management solutions providers routinely face when it comes to getting exposure and generating demand for their services, and how you can overcome them.

Problem No. 1: Not Understanding Your Audience

Not every company makes an effort to study their clients, and that is a mistake. Businesses need to understand their target audience and the type of needs their audience is trying to fulfill. Buyer personas, which are hypothetical representations of a company’s ideal client or buyer, enable a deeper understanding of how to reach those people with a compelling message.

  • A better understanding of purchasing decisions: When you understand how a target buyer makes their purchasing decisions, it becomes easier to know how to reach them early in the process with information relevant to what they’re looking for.
  • Insights into buyer behaviors: Where does your ideal client spend most of their time online? Facebook? LinkedIn? The answers to these questions deliver insights into how to communicate with potential customers and what content interests them. When you know what is important to them, your content should focus on those values and challenges.

Problem No. 2: Sticking to Outbound Marketing Techniques

Consumers today have greater access to information than their predecessors, and take full advantage of the fact by comparison shopping before they make a decision to purchase.

Traditional marketing methods such as newspapers, direct mail, web ads, and email campaigns tend to be an annoyance, and business owners that use them as a marketing mainstay will run into problems if not outright hostility.

To overcome this, management solutions providers need to adopt inbound marketing strategies that bring the consumer to them. Inbound marketing uses blogs, white papers, podcasts, eBooks, and other types of content marketing to draw customers interested in what they’re offering. Benefits include:

  • Higher ROI: Because buyers find a company when they are looking for a particular product or service, the closing rate is much higher.
  • Better brand perception: When a company creates quality content that adds value to a consumer’s life, it enhances public perception of their brand. The Custom Content Council found that 61% of consumers are more included to purchase from a brand that provides them with valuable content.

Problem No. 3: Ignoring SEO

SEO is another tool that most management solutions providers have heard of but fewer understand. The perception is that effective SEO is cost prohibitive and beyond the means of any company that is not Fortune 500.

The reality is that companies of all sizes can rank well on search engines and should make every effort to do so. Appearing on page one of Google, Bing or Yahoo is the greatest exposure possible and can generate quality leads for your business. Website content, page titles and title tags, and even the words used in link text can all be optimized for optimal rankings.

Bottom Line

These three problems are regularly encountered by identity management solution providers as they struggle with attitudes and marketing approaches that do not work. Knowing what they are and how to solve them are an important part of getting the exposure a company needs to attract the leads they want.


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