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3 Productivity Tips for IT Sales Teams

Every IT sales team wants to sign up more clients. The reality, however, is that the average salesperson spends only 32% of their time actually selling. 3 Productivity Tips for IT Sales TeamsThe rest of the time, they are engaged in minor administrative tasks that prevent them from focusing on expanding the company's client base. When they do manage to follow up on leads, many of these people are not ready to commit to a purchase.

These are common problems, but there are ways that a company can better support its sales team and eliminate their mundane tasks so that they can close more sales.

Better Leads, Improved Results

Sending a lead to the sales team when that lead is not ready to buy is counterproductive. Marketing can assist sales by providing these potential clients with useful and relevant content at all stages of the buyer’s journey and only handing them to a salesperson when that person demonstrates that they are ready to commit.

Lead cultivation represents an investment of time and money, but the result- a definite sales-ready prospect- is worth it. Finding those qualified leads means better results, so nurturing beforehand translates into greater sales productivity later.

Use a Sales-Centric CRM System

CRM systems oriented around sales responsibilities can help an IT sales team improve productivity. The ideal system should include such features as automatic reminders, lead prioritization, and streamlined input interfaces.

The best programs allow managers to monitor the sales team’s productivity and closing ratio, so that their time may be better directed. Trackable activities include speed of lead contacting and total sales vs. unsuccessful attempts.

The Power of Social Media

Social media has given rise to a sales phenomenon called social selling, which enables a sales team to engage more productively with prospects. They can use social media at every stage of the buyer’s journey, from awareness to consideration to decision, and use information such as preferences and pain points to drive meaningful conversation. Per Aberdeen Research Group, sales professionals who make use of social media in their sales approach are 79% more likely to realize their quota than those who don’t.

A few more statistics:

  • A lead originally developed via social media is seven times more likely to close successfully
  • Those who have mastered the art of social selling get 45% more sales opportunities
  • Companies that use social selling on a regular basis have seen an overall revenue increase of 10% to 15%

Bottom Line

Like any profession, there is a finite number of hours that you can work as a sales professional, so it makes sense that you make the most out of this dedicated time. When better leads and support technologies are combined with more emphasis on social selling, being more productive will come naturally.



What strategies does your company employ to encourage sales team productivity? Let us know your thoughts in the Comments box below.



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IT Sales Has Changed? Is Your Team Living in the Past? Watch the Webinar Recording

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