3 Ways Virginia Colocation Providers Deliver ValueWhether it is a small, mid-sized, or large business, having on-site IT facilities can be costly, distracting and time consuming. Data centers offer an alternative solution for data storage; thankfully Virginia colocation providers are abundant, secure, and offer customizable solutions for any size business. 

Instead of a business building its own data center to house the IT facilities, colocation providers are an excellent alternative for many companies. They have the space, resources, and established facilities to offer everything from a single rack space to an entire suite. 

But there are many more options besides space that a data center can provide as well, such as:

  • Ideal location
  • Operational expertise
  • Customizable services

Location, Location, Location

We know that server huggers want their data centers in close proximity to their offices, and for those who have offices in the Northeastern part of the United States, having a data center in Virginia is a hugger’s dream.

Being just minutes from multiple international airports, major highways, and even Washington DC, opting for a colocation in Virginia gives any business easy access for their IT staff, and any other employees that may need to visit the colocation facility.

Known as ‘Data Center Alley,’ this area received its nickname not only for the many data centers to choose from, but why data centers like it here. This area offers strong and reliable fiber carriers and cost effective utilities… providing the technology needed and the power to run a data center.

Expertise on Your Side

Nearly all data centers offer 24/7/365 security and technical support, giving their customers the peace of mind that their data is secure and the information is flowing. colocation providers in Virginia are no different.

With redundancy in cooling and power, as well as being in the center of one of the world’s largest Internet exchange points, the data centers’ IT engineering teams are highly skilled at keeping the information moving.

Because data centers have such a strong presence in Virginia, these colocation providers are also experts at helping businesses seamlessly move their in-house IT services to the new location, allowing for only minimal to zero downtime during the transition. 

Custom Solutions

Since there are a plethora of Virginia colocation providers to choose from, how do data centers set themselves apart from the others?

The answer is with customizable options. This is where the fun begins.

Perhaps a company needs extra hand-holding, dedicated work space, or even customized pricing.

That’s ok. There is a data center that is perfect for any business.

  • Extra customer care – Some small to mid-sized businesses do not have the support staff to run all of their IT needs, so they turn to data centers as a solution, having the colocation provider operate their services.
  • Office space for a business’s on-site staff – Data centers often provide office space, conference rooms, and even lounges for staff to stay energized and productive.
  • The need for space – Whatever space requirement is needed, many data centers can accommodate everything from a single rack to an entire suite. The also offer the ability to upgrade and add on when needed.
  • Customizable, metered power configurations – These services are billed based on what each business uses, ensuring there is no overpricing.


What are some of the options your Virginia colocation data center has to offer? Let us know why that is in the Comments box below

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