Are you part of an IaaS, SaaS, or Fintech company? Read this post and watch the video for four video marketing strategies and tips:

1) Invest in an external microphone 


Regardless of whether your source material comes from your smartphone, webcam, or a DSLR, nearly all videos can be improved by using an external microphone rather than the microphone built into your smartphone, tablet, laptop, or DSLR camera. (And it doesn't have to be a big investment, Depending on the context, microphones <$50 can many times result in a dramatic increase in sound quality. If you afford a microphone in the $100-$300 range, you'll start approaching prosumer quality.


2) Pay attention to lighting


If outdoors, just like with photography, avoid taking video facing the sun. If indoor, have ambient light/sunshine over your shoulder rather than facing a window full of sunshine. Whenever possible, turn off overhead lights and replace them with some form of external lighting. For a basic one-person setup, an inexpensive ring light <$30 starts to improve the appearance dramatically. With a $100+ budget, you can begin to enhance lighting with two or more umbrella or box lights.


3) Test everything before your actual video shoot


Before you record several minutes of footage on any new setup/environment, test 30 seconds. And playback to make sure your sound, lighting, and subject positioning are where you want them to be.


4) Use a tripod


While your webcam likely won't need it, filming a video on a smartphone, tablet, or DSLR can literally be a shaky experience without a tripod. With dozens of tripod options <$25, there's no need to torture your viewers and undermine your video quality when a stable video is will well within most budgets.


What kinds of video marketing strategies have you been putting to work? Let me know in the comments section below.


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