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5 Data Center Blog Writers to Follow on Twitter

Data center technology is steadily expanding, thanks to an increasing number of businesses that migrate their servers and critical information from company buildings to professional data and colocation centers.5 Data Center Blog Writers to Follow on Twitter To cope with growing demand, data center managers have to update and expand their systems and service offerings constantly.

With all of these changes being necessary, managers need to stay current on advancements within the data center industry. To that end, we have highlighted five data center blog writers that you should follow to stay up-to-date on relevant technology. These bloggers are a compilation of experienced service providers, marketers, and social media experts who provide important insight for marketing and purchasing decisions.


  • Cloud & Hosting News: The WHIR is the biggest and one of the most prominent news organizations dedicated to the web hosting and cloud industry. Since 2000, it has provided subscribers with current industry news, expert analysis and opinion and stories of value to data center managers and customers. The ‘Whir Blog’ covers topics like web hosting security and social media tips.
  • Colleen Miller: Colleen Miller is a digital communications expert who creates social media channels and B2B content in the realm of tech news and information. She works with businesses and individuals who want to use social media to reach wider audiences.
  • DCD: DCD is a large B2B events and media company whose mission is to help data center professionals make better strategic and operational decisions. Each year over 20,000 professionals attend DCD-hosted events across over 20 countries and four continents. The company’s news and opinion blog posts are especially compelling, with topics like “Why lease data center technology?”
  • FIBERTOWN DataCenter: FIBERTOWN offers disaster recovery and colocation services from its data centers in Bryan and Houston, and services both small businesses and Fortune 500 companies along the Gulf Coast. Its 10,000 square foot Houston data center features the latest in modular data center design, carrier-neutral connectivity, and high-performance redundancy. Its blog addresses subjects such as efficient disaster recovery and choosing a colocation center.
  • Nexcess: After acquiring its first data center in 2006, Nexcess went on to set up data centers in other locations across the U.S., including Miami, Florida and San Francisco, California. To support a growing number of international clients, it also operates in Europe and Australia. The Nexcess blog covers web hosting matters relevant to both operators and clients.

Bottom Line

At one time, a blog would not have been considered a good destination for information on data centers, but over the years’ blogs have evolved into a trusted and valuable resource. With many of them written by industry experts, they contain a detailed and candid perspective that data center operators have come to rely on.



Which data center blog writers do you follow on Twitter, and why? Let us know your thoughts in the Comments box below.



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