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6 Data Center Investment Professionals to Follow on Twitter

When it comes to investment ideas, it is always wise to keep an open mind and evaluate the opinions of a wide range of advisors.6 Data Center Investment Professionals to Follow on Twitter Twitter has proven to be an excellent platform for sharing opinions and ideas, but what works for one professional might not deliver the same results for you.

That is why this article features six active data center investment bloggers who are both credible and have experience-driven insights that could deliver tremendous benefits for you over the long run.


  • Cheval Capital: Cheval Capital is a renowned boutique investment bank that focuses on the mergers, acquisitions, and other levels of business finance in the Internet services industry. The growing Cheval portfolio includes over 350 ISP and web hosting M&A transactions involving companies such as Rackspace Managed Hosting, NTT/Verio, and the Endurance International Group.
  • Kickstart Seed Fund: Utah-based Kickstart Seed Fund is a venture capital firm that focuses on seed capital and startup investments. It actively solicits entrepreneurs, innovators, and other parties who demonstrate technological ingenuity. It seeks to invest in technology companies such as data centers, and each recipient typically receives between $50,000 and $750,000.
  • Mercato Partners: Mercato Partners is a leading capital investor for data centers and other companies seeking large-scale expansion. The Mercato strategy has experienced success across several public offerings and acquisitions, creating added value for its founders and shareholders and sustaining one of the most successful equity growth funds in the US.
  • NEF Capital Advisors: NEF Capital Advisors (NEFCAP) is a mergers and acquisitions firm dedicated to data center, telecom, and IT services industries. It provides in-depth advisory services for transactions valued at up to $15 million. These services included buy side and sell side representation, acquisition strategies, and corporate restructuring.
  • Signal Peak Ventures: Signal Peak Ventures is a venture capital and private equity firm that invests in data centers and other information technology companies. It seeks and supports entrepreneurs capable of market-changing undertakings in the Internet, enterprise software, mobile computing, SaaS, security, and communications industries.
  • Sustainable Startups: Sustainable Startups supports sustainable development in Salt Lake City, Utah by enabling like-mind entrepreneurs to accomplish these goals. It coaches business-minded people so that their ideas and companies can encounter the opportunities needed to make Salt Lake a more eco-friendly place. Data centers are included in the business models they support.

Bottom Line

Trustworthy and reliable financial advice is not easy to come by, and given the tentative nature of the investment arena, many data center investors are eager for some words of wisdom from parties with a demonstrated track record and evidence of integrity. In that respect, this list of active Twitter users fulfills an ongoing need.



Which data center investment professionals do you follow on Twitter, and why? Let us know your thoughts in the Comments box below.



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