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6 Data Center Real Estate Professionals to Follow on Twitter

If you are starting to use Twitter as a search tool in your quest for data center real estate services, you are going to want reliable companies to follow.6 Data Center Real Estate Professionals to Follow on Twitter But with so many choices available, how do you know which ones offer the service packages you need and advice that you can trust.

This article reviews the Twitter feeds of six data center real estate professionals and the specific services that they offer to both new and existing clients so that you can make informed decisions on your next venture.


  • ByteGrid: ByteGrid offers customized data center colocation facilities. Their high-density Tier III/IV data centers are tailor-designed to meet the needs of specific markets. Solutions include colocation, hybrid colocation, IT infrastructure, and a variety of cloud hosting options.
  • Five 9s Digital: Five 9s Digital offers real estate sourcing, brokerage, consulting, and development services for data center professionals across the globe. It also locates and procures colocation, cloud, and data center space for clients with the goal of matching client needs with the ideal data center solution.
  • JLL Phoenix: JLL Phoenix is a professional services firm specializing in real estate. It's Phoenix area data center partners are provided with a broad variety of services, including consulting, project management, site selection, transactions, and data center management.
  • MGAC: MGAC specializes in critical environment projects that safeguard client data, applications, and systems. The company understands the challenges that are part and parcel of collaborating among the technology, design and construction, and real estate aspects of a project, and takes each step with the best interests of its clients in mind.
  • REITCafe: provides online investment information and resources to both industry professionals and those seeking to enter the market. The company itself offers commercial mortgage and real estate information, technology, and analytics to the investment management and global securities industries.
  • 1547: fifteenfortyseven Critical Systems Realty (1547) develops and operates custom-designed data centers with several spaces under development across the countries. The firm’s central strategy is to uncover the true value of a property, provide world-class facilities, and deliver mission-critical solutions from idea until completion.

Bottom Line

Twitter is a goldmine of information, but its sheer size makes following the right experts a challenge akin to finding a needle in a haystack. The companies listed here all have a solid client base and track record when it comes to providing data centers with effective and sustainable power solutions.



Which data center real estate professionals do you follow on Twitter, and why? Let us know your thoughts in the Comments box below.



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