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6 Data Center Software Professionals to Follow on Twitter

If you are looking for software professionals to expand the range and scope of your data center services, Twitter can be a useful resource for finding experts whose services and expertise match your needs. 6 Data Center Software Professionals to Follow on Twitter

Many software engineers and vendors are active on Twitter, sharing news, advice, and insights. This article lists the accounts of six professionals who may be able to assist you with your latest projects—either directly or via the insights you need. 

  • 6Sigma DX: 6SigmaDCX is a computational fluid dynamics (CFD) simulation tool that improves productivity levels for the design, troubleshooting, and operation of data center design. Its user interface was designed with input from data center professionals, resulting in an ease of use for clients.
  • Ayehu: Ayehu provides IT and security professionals with process automation and orchestration solutions to resolve critical incidents and support fast recovery from cyber attacks. Its programs provide clients with improved control over IT infrastructure via various automation platforms.
  • Kelverion: Kelverion is a recognized authority on service management integration and automation and orchestration for Hybrid, Cloud, and On-Premises Environments. Its primary focus is Microsoft Azure Automation and System Center platforms and extending them to several different third party tools.
  • Nutanix: Nutanix focuses on services and applications that keep your data center business going strong. Its core offering is the Nutanix Enterprise Cloud Platform that seamlessly blends virtualization and computing and storage services into a software solution. Some of the country’s most advanced tech-businesses use Nutanix technology to power their workloads.
  • ReleaseTeam: ReleaseTeam enables more effective DevOps and Software Configuration Management (SCM), so data centers and related businesses can grow and develop more rapidly. It offers top-rated commercial and open source tools as well as consulting and training on DevOps and Software Configuration Management.
  • Stackify: Stackify provides software developers with tools and resources to completely integrate log and error management with application monitoring—with versions available for both developer and server workstations.  Specialties include: application performance management and diagnostics, SaaS, DevOps, and more.

Bottom Line

Data centers are software-driven, and, as such, require operators and managers to be thoroughly conversant in the latest versions of each software package being used. Getting news and information you need can be difficult given the sheer volume of blog posts, web updates, and tweets out there, but the tweets from these six experts can help you be a better manager, provide useful advice to your IT team, and even help your data center improve its customer service via superior uptime and performance.


Which data center software professionals do you follow on Twitter, and why? Let us know your thoughts in the Comments below.


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