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6 Data Center Training Video Channels to Watch on YouTube

The data center industry is in a constant state of evolution, so every now and again a data center training video can be very handy. There are plenty of videos online to choose from, and they cover all sorts of topics.6 Data Center Training Video Channels to Watch on YouTube

For example, there are YouTube videos that can help you with network optimization. There are some that cover training associated with automating processes. There are also some free data center training video channels that cover every aspect of setting up and running a data center.

So, which ones are worth watching? Keep reading and find out.



1. Cisco Certified Internetwork Expert (CCIE) Data Center Video – Virtual Port Channels

IpexpertInc Channel’s CCIE Data Center Bootcamp video covers training on the topic of Virtual Port Channels (VPC). The training is conducted by Advisory Solutions Architect, Jason Lunde (Dell, EMC, CPSD).


2. Cisco Certified Internetwork Expert (CCIE) Data Center Video -  Implementing Nexus, Virtual Port Channels

This is a great video from the INEtraining Channel that covers implementing Nexus, VPC. The instructor on this video is a four-time Cisco Certified Internetwork Expert, Cisco Certified Design, and co-founder of Internetwork Expert Inc, Brian McGahan.


3. TS IT Rack Training Video

If you need to see a data center training video on TS IT Rack technology, this is the YouTube video to check out. Further, the RittalDataCentre Channel will also help you learn about how the fusion of rack and accessories offers colocation operators flexibility in the design of rack architecture.

This video will help you understand how rapid assembly with tool free installation is done, so check it out and learn about TS IT features, varieties, and benefits.


4. Data Center Cooling Techniques

MrTechnat Channel is a good one to follow as training videos like this one will go over how precision air conditioners work in a colocation environment. So, if you’re having some issues with cooling your facility, this online video will be worth checking out.


5. Cabling a SoftLayer Data Center Server Rack

This video on the IBM Bluemix Channel goes over SoftLayer with a quick training exercise that covers how you cable a SoftLayer data center server rack. So, if you’re working with SoftLayer, this is the video to watch!


6. Cisco Certified Internetwork Expert (CCIE) Data Center Introduction vSeminar

This is another great video from INEtraining Channel on YouTube that’s actually an introductory seminar. There are two parts to this training video, so make sure that you watch all of it.


The Bottom Line

The bottom line is there are plenty of free training resources online and none better than the videos on YouTube. So, if you’re having an issue at your facility that you just can’t put your finger on, some of these training videos can help.

At the same time, the internet has been a wide-open space where free speech is championed. But, this also opens the door to those who abuse it. So, at times, it is better to ignore the comments found below the videos.



Can you recommend more data center training videos? Let us know your thoughts in the Comments box below.



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