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9 Construction Companies in Miami to Follow on Twitter

9 Construction Companies in Miami to Follow on Twitter

As part of the South Florida Construction Market Opportunity Report, 87 construction companies in the greater Miami, Fort Lauderdale, and West Palm Beach metro areas were analyzed to uncover which companies are the most digitally-savvy.

Among the 48 success metrics factored in for each company, one of the seven categories driving rankings was Company Social Media Presence including LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and Houzz (for residential construction companies).

In this post, you’ll be introduced to nine Miami-based construction companies that you can follow on Twitter, and you’ll find out which are doing the best job with their presence on Twitter.

  1. Amicon Construction (Miami) -- While Amicon Construction (General Contracting) and Amicon Management (Owner Representation) are active on social media, you’ll need to Like Amicon Construction instead on Facebook, Follow amiconconstruction on Instagram, or Follow Amicon Construction on LinkedIn as the construction firm specializing in upscale commercial interiors only has an empty Amicon Construction profile on Twitter (@amicon_group) that’s been sitting dormant with no image, profile description, or website URL since 2012.
  2. CAMCON Group (Miami) -- Similar to Amicon Construction, CAMCON Group has never Tweeted since reserving its company presence on Twitter in 2015 (@CAMCONGroup). However, CAMCON Group has been slightly more invested in Twitter with profile and header images, a profile description, and its website URL. CAMCON Group’s website instead suggests that you Follow camcongroup on Instagram or Follow CAMCON Group on LinkedIn.
  3. Coastal Construction Group (Miami)  -- Follow Coastal Construction (@builtbycoastal) on Twitter. While the construction management company last posted a set of Tweets over five months ago, the Tweets announced that Coastal Construction Group would match up to $25,000 in donations to Red Cross for Hurricane Irma relief. With 124+ Tweets since late 2014, Coastal Construction Group has a good start on Twitter. However, to really stand out, it should post more regularly and complete its profile with a profile description and its website URL.
  4. GLF Construction Corporation (Miami) -- Just like CAMCON Group, GLF Construction Corporation has never Tweeted since reserving its @GLFConstruction company presence on Twitter in 2015 -- although the GLF Construction does have a header graphic, profile image, profile description, and website URL. Instead, you could Like the GLF Construction Corporation Headquarters Facebook page -- although its last post was in 2016. Or Subscribe to the GLF Construction Corporation YouTube channel -- which was last updated in 2015. Or Follow GLF Construction Corporation on LinkedIn.
  5. Lunacon Construction Group (Miami) -- Follow Lunacon Construction (@lunaconcg) on Twitter to learn more about this construction management and general contracting company. While Lunacon Construction Group’s last post on its Twitter company profile was over two months ago, it is leaps ahead of other construction companies in Miami with reasonably fresh content cross-posting from Instagram about some FIU events (Florida International University).
  6. MCM, Munilla Construction Management (Miami) -- Editor’s Choice for best Twitter presence among Miami construction companies -- Follow Munilla Construction Management (MCM) (@WeAreMCM) on Twitter. If you are in a leadership role at any construction company in the greater Miami area, and you want to improve your company’s ability to attract more of the right clients, in the right places, at the right time, and in the right context, MCM, Munilla Construction Management definitely is a great example to learn from on Twitter. With an excellent photo collage in its Twitter header and its profile image, profile description, and website URL all complete for industry best practices, MCM, Munilla Construction Management covers the basics -- and then some, including dozens of recent, highly-relevant posts with lots of very engaging images. It’s no surprise that MCM, Munilla Construction Management has more Twitter followers (at the time this blog post was written), by a huge margin, than any other construction company in Miami that’s listed in this blog post.
  7. MV Group (Miami) -- Follow MV Group (@MVGroupUSA) on Twitter. Although this construction and interior design firm has posted dozens of Tweets since joining Twitter in 2013, and it does link to its Twitter profile throughout its website, MV Group has not posted an update to its Twitter profile since late 2013. It gets points for a completed profile, and usually, some Twitter presence is better than no Twitter presence. However any time a company posts like gangbusters for three months and then goes radio-silent for literally years, that sends a confusing message to its clients, future clients, subcontractors, and future subcontractors about its commitment to staying current and dependability. In a digital-first world, the modern buyer can easily get spooked out and seek competitive alternatives when a company’s social media profiles resemble a ghost town.
  8. OHL North America (Miami) -- Follow OHL North America (@OHLNorthAmerica) on Twitter. Considering the size of its parent company, Obrascón Huarte Lain (OHL Group), one might reasonably expect OHL North America’s digital team to completely dominate among construction companies in the Miami region. On Twitter, OHL North America is definitely checking off all of the boxes for best practices: a relevant header image and profile image (although both leave room for improvement), a profile description with relevant #hashtags (including #construction #highways #bridges #rail #transit #hospitals #schools), a cross-reference to its @OHLNAjobs Twitter profile, and its website URL. Yet it’s surprising to see that its number of followers is quite low.
  9. Thornton Construction Company (Miami) -- Runner-up for best Twitter presence among Miami construction companies -- Follow Thornton Construction (@TCCIFlorida). This South Florida construction management company works in both the residential and commercial sector and specializes in the aviation, education, government, and healthcare markets. Thornton Construction Company’s Twitter presence covers nearly all best practices: there’s an attractive, crisp, and relevant header image and profile image, the profile description is detailed and includes cross-references to its Facebook and Instagram profiles, and its website URL is included. In its stream, there’s a modest volume of regular posts that include lots of relevant images that shine a spotlight on its team members’ commitment to the community.

In this post, you’ve learned about nine Miami-based construction companies with Twitter profiles -- and which are leading the pack for best practices and current, engaging content.  Do you know of other construction companies in and around Miami that ought to be on this list? Let us know in the Comments section below.

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