Slide49Many people learn best from visual examples. In this post, you’ll learn how visualizing a simple Tic Tac Toe drawing, the kind of game you likely played hundreds if not thousands of times as a kid, can do wonders to accelerate the rate of at which you close IT sales.

Across the Top: The Three Sales Cycle Stages

Going horizontally across the top row, you’ll see the three sales cycle stages:

  • Research Problem
  • Establish Criteria
  • Evaluate Vendors

In the Left Hand Column: Names of Your Personas

Down the left hand column, you’ll see the names of your three semi-fictional ideal buyer personas:

  • Ollie Owner
  • Charley Controller
  • Trish Techie

Now your personas and their chosen names will vary. But what always needs to be done: In each of the orange boxes, the cells in the worksheet, you need a lead generation premium content offer -- at the intersection of the sales cycle stage and ideal buyer persona.

The goal is to provide an intensely personalized experience, so each prospect feels as if you are speaking directly to him or her – like you’re reading their mind – at the exact place where each resides in the buyer’s journey.


Does your company have different content available to promote at each of the three sales cycle stages and for each ideal buyer persona? Let us know if you utilize this content creation opportunity to close IT sales faster.


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