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Are CISO Summits Mandatory for Identity Management Providers?

Are CISO Summits Mandatory for Identity Management Providers?As an identity management executive, you may feel there are too few hours in the day to get everything done. Can you afford a few days to attend a CISO Summit? Does it provide enough benefit to be worthwhile? Let’s examine the agendas of two CISO Summits to see whether they are meaningless or mandatory for those responsible for identity management.

CIO Executive Summit 

With the motto “built by CIOs for CIOs”, Evanta is an organization whose goal is to provide interaction between North America’s top executives. The CIO Executive Summit, a one-day regional conference held in different cities throughout the year, provides networking opportunities, discussions of best practices, and more, with top CISO executives and industry thought leaders.

The various regional conferences are not identical. However, they are similar in that the topics are about current challenges CIOs face. So that show management can keep its content relevant, the conferences don’t set an agenda until a few months or weeks beforehand. For example, the recently held Dallas Regional CIO Executive Summit covered:

  • Using Identity and Access Governance 2.0 to secure data and access quickly.
  • The vulnerabilities of IoT, and strategies to secure the new technology.
  • Why old methods of risk management need to be replaced with a dynamic security program using analytics.

You should check the Evanta website for updates and a schedule of upcoming events for your region.

CISO Summit 

Produced by CDM Media, the event brings together C-level executives, solution providers, and thought leaders to discuss the latest challenges and best practices for staying ahead of hackers. The 2016 CISO Summit took place in Chicago, Illinois, May 1-3, and had one-on-one business meetings, networking opportunities, forums, presentations, roundtables, and more. Here are just a few of the topics identity management providers found relevant during the three days:

  • “The Awakening of Cyber Analysis” – Security focus is often on detection, prevention, and remediation. Security also needs to emphasize the who, how, and why. This presentation discussed how to go from being reactive to becoming proactive through threat analysis. 
  • “Rethinking Security and Risk with a Comprehensive Outside-In Perspective” – This roundtable covered how traditional security methods are not as effective in highly networked enterprises, IoT, or mobile organizations – including how to rethink security strategies through threat intelligence. 
  • “Securing the Mobile Workforce” – This panel discussion helped the CISO understand the new threats mobile and BYOD workflows bring. New technologies, tools, and techniques for addressing the risks were all on the agenda.

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These organizations know your time is valuable, and they pack as much information as possible into as few days as they can, to make the events worth being away from the office. Take the time to attend these conferences to sharpen your skills, learn new strategies, and have the opportunity to meet and talk with your peers and industry thought leaders.  


Do you think CISO Summits are important for identity management providers? Let us know your thoughts in the Comments box below.


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