According to LinkedIn, there are 814 construction companies in Miami. While MacTec, with over 10,000 employees, tops the list, the overwhelming majority of these construction companies are small businesses: 687 of which (84%) have 1 to 50 employees.

In the South Florida Construction Market Opportunity Report, of the 87 construction firms we analyzed in Palm Beach County, Broward County, and Miami-Dade Counties, 31 of those firms are located in Miami-Dade County. And 17 of those 31 construction firms have their headquarters in Miami.

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Job Market for Construction Workers in Miami

Construction hiring on a national level has been on an upward trend almost non-stop since 2012. Within Florida, 22,000 new construction jobs were created during the most recently tracked year. (U.S. Department of Labor)

With recently published survey data from the Associated Builders and Contractors of Florida showing that 88% of construction firms are hiring and 45% of construction firms expecting to grow, it’s no wonder that the Sun-Sentinel reports that there’s “plenty of work” in the South Florida construction sector.

So given all this, which Miami construction companies are hiring? And for which jobs are they hiring?

Amicon Construction

The Amicon | Careers page lists three job openings: Project Manager / Site Supervisor, Owner Representative / Construction Administration Manager, and Project Superintendent. However, all three job postings are showing very stale posting dates from 2015. So while it’s possible that Amicon Construction is always for these roles, it’s also possible that the jobs were filled long ago, and no one has updated their website page.

Coastal Construction Group

From the Careers | Coastal Construction page, you’ll find a Click Here to Apply button that takes you to another website where you can Apply for job opportunities. On this same page, you’ll find that Coastal Construction is looking to hire for openings in these jobs: Assistant Project Manager, Contract Administrator, Estimator, Marketing Coordinator, Project Accountant, Project Engineer, Project Executive, Project Manager, and Superintendent.

Dade Construction

The Career Opportunities | Dade Construction page explains the company's core values, mentions that it’s always looking for construction industry professionals, and hires based on current workload needs. Dade Construction also mentions four very specific requirements about what it’s looking for from candidates’ resumes, including references, portfolio information, degree documentation, and certification documentation.

First Florida

The First Florida Career Opportunities page has a form for job candidates to complete that asks for Position Sought. Since there’s no drop-down list for Position Sought and no mention of typical positions that First Florida hires for, there’s really no way for candidates to be more laser-focused in their construction job search with First Florida.

GLF Construction Corporation

On the Current Openings - GLF Construction page, the page splits off into separate job openings for Haiti and the United States. While the resulting page links appear crossed, none of the five job postings are in the Miami area (Orlando, Port-au-Prince, and Tampa), and the listings look stale enough to wonder if GLF Construction is still actively looking to fill these jobs posted a few years ago.


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McKENZIE Construction

While there is no “careers” or “jobs” page per se, the McKENZIE Construction Contact page lists seven open positions embedded from BambooHR, three of which are construction-specific: Construction Superintendent, Construction Project Manager, and Project Engineer. The other four open positions are for McKENZIE Construction’s sister company: McKENZIE Craft.

MCM, Munilla Construction Management

The Careers | MCM US page provides some general information about the company’s culture, undergraduate recruitment program, and commitment to equal opportunity. This page has a link to Current Job Opportunities hosted in the Hyrell pre-hire applicant tracking system. Of the 12 posted jobs, 8 are in Miami, and 4 are in Irving, Texas (Dallas). The Miami job openings include Estimator, Heavy Equipment Operator, Project Engineer - GenCon, Project Manager - GenCon, Senior Estimator, Senior Maintenance Engineer, Marketing Coordinator, Dive Supervisor & Commercial Divers.

NV2A Group

On the NV2A Group Contact page, under the Careers heading, the company recommends that those interested in career opportunities check their LinkedIn company page for current job openings. When this article was written, no matching jobs were found attached to its LinkedIn company page.

OHL North America

In vast contrast to many construction companies in Miami that only tangentially mention job openings that they’re hiring for on their websites, OHL North America’s website homepage includes a large, interactive map of Opportunities at OHL North America, embedded from and powered by CareerArc (HR software). Of the 66 active jobs that OHL North America is hiring for, 15 of these openings are in South Florida (including Miami, West Palm Beach, Vero Beach, and Fort Myers). And of these 15 open jobs, eight are in Miami: Asphalt Plant Mechanic, Asphalt Plant Operator, Bulldozer Operator, Construction Laborer, Excavator Operator, Heavy Equipment Operator, Motor Grader Operator, and Traffic Control Specialist (MOT).

Thornton Construction Company

The Careers - Thornton Construction Company page indicates that it’s looking to hire to fill four opportunities in Miami: Assistant Project Manager, Preconstruction Manager, Project Manager, and Superintendent.

William R. Nash Companies

The company explains its expanded training program and benefits package on the Work with Nash – William R. Nash page. It’s hiring in South Florida (Miami-Dade, Broward, Palm Beach, and St. Lucie Counties) and the U.S. Virgin Islands (St. Thomas, St. John, St. Croix, and Bahamas (Nassau and Paradise Island). While there are no specific postings, there are ten different opportunities listed, strongly inferring that William R. Nash is always looking for candidates in these roles: Apprentice, Assistant Project Manager, Estimator, Foreman, HVAC Mechanic, Pipe Fitter, Plumber, Project Manager, Superintendent, and Welder.


You’ve been introduced to 11 construction companies in Miami that are hiring. Surely, with 814 construction firms in Miami that LinkedIn knows of, even more companies are hiring. However, this post should provide you with an excellent starting point for the kinds of construction opportunities currently available in Miami.

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