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Are Tampa Colocation Providers Offering Managed Services?

Are Tampa Colocation Providers Offering Managed Services?Managed services’ is a major buzzword nowadays, and Tampa businesses looking to outsource their IT needs often wonder if local colocation providers offer them. The answer is a definitive yes.

As reliance on technology grows, the resources that individual companies have to support their needs may fall short. Smaller businesses, in particular, can easily be overwhelmed by the volume and complexity of day-to-day IT responsibilities. Tampa colocation providers step in by handling these operations for a price that actually represents cost savings in the long run.

Expert Security and Disaster Recovery

These Tampa facilities incorporate multiple layers of redundancy that cover power sources, connectivity, and security. By ensuring that there are no single points of failure, customer servers (along with their data, services, and applications) remain protected and available at all times.

Tampa colocation companies also offer technical support 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. By providing a single point of contact for all IT needs and support, they simplify otherwise arduous processes such as troubleshooting and disaster recovery.

Reduced Operating Costs

Working with a colocation provider can help a business save money in the following ways:

  • Monthly IT costs are reduced to a single rate instead of an amount that varies whenever maintenance becomes necessary or hardware is upgraded.
  • A study commissioned by CA technologies a few years back revealed that businesses in North America and Europe lose over $26.5 billion each year because of IT downtime. Managed service providers have staff that has been trained to spot potential security / service threats in advance and take preventative measures to avoid expensive downtime.

For most companies, it doesn’t make good business sense to invest in extra staff or additional resources to support the IT infrastructure. A good technology partner can assume those responsibilities at a fraction of the cost.

Easier Regulatory Compliance

With the managed services marketplace becoming more competitive, Tampa colocation companies have made themselves stand out by helping their clients meet different regulatory standards. From FINRA and SEC rules to the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA), businesses from certain industries are forced to follow stringent data protection rules.

Tampa has a number of managed services providers that can help their clients understand the requirements of these regulations as well as comply with them.

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The Bottom Line

IT demands continue to evolve and change, but Tampa businesses can keep up by choosing a colocation provider that will proactively manage important systems and respond to all IT-related needs and challenges. This way, business owners can focus on meeting core goals and growing their respective companies.


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