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Joshua Feinberg

Joshua Feinberg is CEO of SP Home Run and a digital transformation go-to-market content strategist for mid-market and enterprise IaaS, SaaS, and FinTech. Since 2002, he’s been building full-funnel inbound sales and marketing programs. He helps companies get found by the right people, in the right places, at the right time, and in the right context -- and uncover new revenue growth opportunities. Joshua helps clients in five very specific and interrelated areas: 1) Differentiation. 2) Thought Leadership. 3) Competitive Positioning. 4) Sales Cycle Acceleration. 5) Scalable, Predictable Revenue Growth. As an early adopter and advanced power user of HubSpot since 2010, Joshua is 28X HubSpot Certified and co-led the local HubSpot User Group for four years. As a former Microsoft content provider for and advisor to the Small Business Server (SBS) product and channel partner teams in Redmond, Joshua wrote the groundbreaking book Building Profitable Solutions with Microsoft Small Business Server and bi-weekly VAP Voice online columns that helped shape Microsoft’s partner and product marketing strategy, and ultimately the managed services business model. Much of the content he created was also localized and translated into over a dozen languages for a global audience of over 500,000. With a deep specialization in cloud, data center, and hosting, Joshua has presented educational sessions at HostingCon, Data Center World, MSP Expo/IT Expo, and DatacenterDynamics. He began his career marketing and selling higher education PC hardware and software for IBM Academic Information Systems (ACIS). Joshua’s been quoted in USA Today, CRN (cover story), VAR Business, Washington Times, South Florida Sun-Sentinel, AICPA Journal of Accountancy, Inc.com, CMS Wire, and TechTarget. He’s also had content published in Inc.com, Medical Economics, Windows NT Magazine, Microsoft Certified Professional Magazine, and served as a contributing editor for Selling Windows NT Solutions Magazine.

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