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Joshua Feinberg

Joshua Feinberg helps CEOs identify revenue growth opportunities their marketing and sales teams are currently missing. A former content provider for Microsoft Corporation's channel programs and Small Business Server product team in Redmond, Washington, Joshua has spent nearly all of his 27-year career on business development side of the IT channel. Over the past decade, Joshua has authored business development training courses now utilized by over 3,000 SMB technology providers worldwide. Joshua wrote the groundbreaking book Building Profitable Solutions with Microsoft BackOffice Small Business Server and bi-weekly VAP Voice online columns that helped shaped Microsoft’s small business partner strategy, product marketing strategy, and ultimately the managed services business model. Besides being an early adopter of content marketing and Inbound marketing, since 2008 Joshua has developed integrated, full-funnel, lead generation and sales acceleration programs that drive scalable, predictable revenue growth. Joshua holds HubSpot Certifications on Inbound Marketing, Inbound Sales, HubSpot Marketing Software, HubSpot Sales Software, HubSpot Partner, and Growth Driven Design (GDD) --- and the first HubSpot Accredited Trainer in Florida. Joshua served on the AFCOM Miami board, co-led the Palm Beach County HubSpot User Group for four years, and is a former board member of the Florida Direct Marketing Association. He’s been quoted in the USA Today, CRN, VAR Business, Washington Times, South Florida Sun Sentinel, and AICPA Journal of Accountancy. Joshua has also written bylined content for Data Center Knowledge, WHIR, Microsoft Certified Professional Magazine, Inc.com, Medical Economics, Windows NT Magazine, and served as a contributing editor for Selling Windows NT Solutions Magazine.

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