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B2B Inbound Sales for High Ticket Purchases

Do you think online presence will continue increasing in importance even after the pandemic?


Digital Transformation Accelerates at Home During the Pandemic 

With tens of millions of Americans now researching and making major purchase decisions 100% online, most of these shifting habits are likely here to stay.

Even though I consider myself pretty digitally savvy, before March 2020, my family and I had never ordered a full order of groceries online. Fast forward a year later, and none of us have been inside a supermarket, drugstore, or warehouse club since then.

When restrictions are fully lifted, I'm sure we'll have some nostalgia and yearning to have traditional shopping outings. But the extreme time-savings and convenience have now permanently shifted our habits.

Impact on B2B Inbound Sales Processes... Even for High-Ticket Sales

Now that so many companies have figured out that it is possible to close large five-, six-, and even seven-figure deals 100% over video conference, business travel will permanently change.

There will be some bounce back, but it's likely that the days of flying an entire sales team across the country for a one-hour meeting may have already met its digital replacement.

Which of your personal shopping and consumption habits changed during the COVID-19 lockdowns?

And how has that impacted how you research and make purchase decisions for your professional interests on the B2B side?

Let me know your thoughts in the Comments section below.




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