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Network Admin Advice: The Importance of Tracking Software Licences

Network Admin Advice The Importance of Tracking Software LicencesIf you’re a network admin, it’s beneficial to establish a reliable way to track software licences at each client site. It’s all too easy to forget about licences once software is installed, but there will always come a time when you have to scramble around for them again in the future.

Here are three reasons why every network admin should spend time tracking software licences.

  1. It keeps customers legal. While the ultimate responsibility for software legality lies with your customers, they will expect you to keep them on track. Some licensing is complicated, with more than one installation per license permitted for certain software products. It is your job to learn how licensing works and inform the customer.

  2. It produces revenue-generating opportunities. If you accurately track license usage, you will quickly notice when customers need to invest in more, which will generate mark-up profit or reseller commission.

  3. It makes YOUR life easier. When the time comes to reinstall software or rebuild PCs, you can waste a lot of network admin time if you have to hunt through cupboards and / or historical emails for license key details. Maintaining a decent license management system will eliminate this drain on your time.


As a network admin, how do you go about managing client software licences? Share your methods in the Comments box below.


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