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Why You Should Have a Reseller Agreement with Your Main Suppliers

Why You Should Have a Reseller Agreement with Your Main SuppliersIt’s always worth trying to sign up for a reseller agreement with all the suppliers you make regular use of in the daily running of your IT business. Customers will always need certain products and services, from antivirus licences to desktop PCs, so it’s a sensible move to do your best to profit from the constant demand.

The average reseller agreement guarantees you a commission, typically ranging from 5% to 25%, on products you sell to your customers. Software companies and service providers are usually very proactive in signing up resellers, so if your IT business is reasonably established, you are probably contacted regularly regarding potential reseller deals.

Here is a three-point plan to make maximum revenue from the products your customers need:

  1. Decide on a standard set of products and services to recommend and resell to customers. While these should, of course, be quality products that you trust, there’s no harm in choosing one over another if the reseller commission level is more generous!

  2. Sign up to a reseller agreement with each company. Sometimes you can do all of this online, while larger firms typically have departments that specifically deal with resellers.

  3. Implement a system to track the products you have sold and ensure you follow up in terms of upgrades and license renewals. This should guarantee a steady stream of effortless ongoing revenue.


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