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12 IT Marketing Experts to Circle on Google+

12 IT Marketing Experts to Circle on Google Many IT marketing experts agree that Google+ can be quite useful for sharing content and building relationships with like-minded individuals.

In a recent SP Home Run survey of small business technology providers, we found that while LinkedIn and Facebook were still solidly entrenched in first and second places (respectively) for social media participation, Google+ was just a hair behind third place Twitter.

Why I Like Google+

During the last few months, I’ve begun to see tremendous potential in Google+ for a number of reasons.

For starters, Google+ allows your posts to be seen by all of the people who have Circled you and your business. This is quite different from the way Facebook operates today, where only a small fraction of those who Like your business page can see your posts – unless you pay for each promoted post.

Also, setting up Google+ authorship makes your blog posts stand out on search engine results pages (SERPs).

And finally, Google+ allows for segmentation. So if I hear about a great upcoming IT channel event in London, I can send a post out to only those most likely to be interested: those just in my UK IT Channel Google + Circle.

So with that in mind, because so much of Google+ is about sharing content – your content, as well as the content of others that those in your Circles can benefit from – here is my list of 12 experts on IT marketing, and related disciplines, that you should Circle on Google+.

Experts on SEO, SMM, Inside Sales, UC, Inbound, Cloud, and MSPs

Note: This list is presented in alphabetical order (by first name) with no ranking intended. And while some of these experts would consider themselves IT marketing experts, many others have expertise in broader, related areas of business development and marketing that can be very beneficial to those seeking better IT marketing results:

  • Danny Sullivan – One of the top SEO and digital marketing experts on the planet, Sullivan is founding editor of both Marketing Land and Search Engine Land, and is based in Newport Beach, California, USA. 

  • Guy Kawasaki – One of the most widely-followed Google+ experts in the world, who appears in over 4 million Google+ Circles, Kawasaki is former Chief Evangelist for Apple and lists his home base as “Virgin America 2B.” (in homage to Richard Branson)

  • Ken Krogue – An expert on professional B2B inside sales and its relationship with inbound/content marketing, Krogue is President and Co-Founder of in Alpine, Utah, USA. 

  • Keri Jaehnig – An expert on social media marketing across a variety of small business segments, Jaehnig is founder and CMO at Idea Girl Media in Wilmington, Ohio, USA. --

  • Kittie Walker – An expert on all-things related to small business marketing, with particular expertise in social media, and lots of IT marketing-related insight, Walker is an SP Home Run contributor, a partner in a small digital marketing agency (Avidmode), and an avid gamer based out of Sydenham, London, UK.

  • Lisa King – A social media expert on unified communications (UC), hosted PBX, and cloud computing, King is a social media marketer for CoreDial in Kansas City, Missouri, USA. 

  • Mike Volpe – Although a lot more active on Twitter than Google+, Volpe was one of the world’s first inbound marketers. As CMO of HubSpot, a marketing automation SaaS company that basically invented inbound marketing as we know it today, Volpe heads up lead generation, branding, blogging, SEO, SMM, landing pages, and analytics from Cambridge, Massachusetts, USA. 

  • Rand Fishkin – One of the most widely-cited people on the planet when it comes to inbound marketing and SEO (although he recently dropped the “SEO” part of his company name to be more simply referred to as “Moz”), Fishkin is Moz CEO, passionate about all things related to tech and inbound marketing, and is based in Seattle, Washington, USA. 

  • Richard Tubb – A managed services and social media expert, Tubb provides expert advice to help you grow your IT business and hails from Weoley Castle, Birmingham, UK.

  • Robert Scoble – One of the world’s leading tech bloggers, social media experts, and cloud computing evangelists, Scoble is a former Microsoft evangelist, current Rackspace startup liaison officer, and is based out of Half Moon Bay, California, USA.

  • Ross Beard – An IT marketing expert on client retention and customer service, Beard runs marketing for Client Heartbeat in Brisbane, Australia.

  • Oh and if you want to follow yours truly, as I also post quite a bit about IT marketing on Google+ (please excuse the shameless self-promotion :-), please Circle Joshua Feinberg 

The Bottom Line

Again, this isn’t a rankings list. It’s more of a list of “here’s who I’ve Circled on Google+” that I think can be particularly valuable to those seeking help with IT marketing.

While one could conceivably publish a directory with hundreds, if not thousands, of experts around the globe that either specialize in IT marketing or have related expertise, for this post I simply compiled a list of those I currently get value from following on Google+ that I think you’d enjoy too.


Who’s your favorite IT marketing expert to Circle on Google+? Got an idea for #13? Please share your “nomination” in the Comments box below. 


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