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Producing a Computer Invoice Template – What to Include

Producing a Computer Invoice Template What to IncludeYou should make sure you have a good computer invoice template if you sell computers to your customers. This applies whether you build computers yourself, or resell those from well-known manufacturers. A good computer invoice template makes it clear to customers exactly what they have purchased, and reduces the chances of disputes and follow-up queries later on.

Here are four pieces of information that you should be sure to include in your computer invoice template:

  1. Model numbers and part numbers - Make sure you include all the relevant model numbers and part numbers on your invoices. In the future, if you need to order replacements or upgrades, both you and your customer will be easily able to ascertain what to order.

  2. Detailed specifications - Ensure you include all the key specification details: processor type, amount of RAM, hard disk sizes etc.

  3. Software information - If you sell a computer with any inclusive software, make sure you include the details. For example, if Windows is preinstalled, make clear whether it is a retail or OEM copy. Perhaps even consider going one better, and including a note of any license key(s) on your invoice.

  4. Warranty terms - Make sure the warranty terms are clearly laid out. State the duration of the warranty, whether it is on an on-site or “collect and return” basis, and make clear who should be the point of contact for any warranty issues.

Is there anything else you think should be included on a computer invoice template? Share your thoughts in the Comments box below


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