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When Computer Business Logos Come Alive – Online and Offline

When Computer Business Logos Come Alive Online and OfflineThe age of inert computer business logos may fast be behind us. That pixeled, printed, embossed or stenciled design now has interactivity to offer in a number of ways. Of course, clickable logos have been around ever since the age of online started. The real revolution is in the way a business logo can now also trigger actions for prospects and customers directly from an offline, physical support.

The Oh So Forgiving QR Code

In the space of a couple of years, QR (Quick Response) codes have made their mark on almost everything. These next-generation barcodes can be placed on anything that can be snapped by a smartphone camera. However, what also distinguishes QR codes is the information redundancy that is built into them. A large chunk of the square code can be illegible or even missing, but still leave enough information for the smartphone to direct the user to a webpage, offer to send an SMS or call a phone number, and so on.

Logos and Company Colors in the Code

This means that companies can blank out the center of a QR code they are using for their marketing message and drop their computer business logos and its colors into the space created. Your QR code becomes more meaningful – and your logo becomes interactive.

Online Fun for Added Interactivity

Meanwhile, online logos have been developing as well. Google for instance has created new dimensions and interest for its logo by embedding in it a variety of interactive graphics. Favorites among Google’s public (and customers) have included the playable Les Paul electric guitar doodle and interactive hurdles for the 2012 London Olympics.


Are you using QR codes today in your marketing? What results have you seen? Share your experience in the Comments section below.  


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