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Investing in an IT Franchise – Three Questions to Ask

Investing in an IT Franchise Three Questions to AskAre you wondering about investing in an IT franchise business? If you’re getting close to “signing on the dotted line” and handing over some investment money, here are three essential questions you should ask of the franchise operator, if you haven’t already.

  1. Can I speak to some existing franchisees? It’s essential that you get some feedback from existing franchisees to get a good idea of how they feel about working with the franchise operator. You may find out some information that puts you off. If at all possible, try to speak to some franchisees independently – the franchise operator is sure to only put you in contact with franchisees that they know will have positive things to say.

  2. What are the ongoing costs? Many IT franchise businesses have ongoing costs above and beyond your initial franchise fee. Make sure you get all the details of everything you will have to pay for – now and in the future.

  3. Who will I be dealing with? Make sure you know who you will be interacting with on a daily basis once your business is underway. Make sure you speak to these people and form a good relationship with them. The team who deals with the initial franchise purchase may not necessarily be those you will deal with operationally – so ensure you’re clear on this important detail.


What questions do you think are essential to ask before investing in an IT franchise? Share your views in the Comments box below


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