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Raise Rates on Your IT Support Agreements to Lose Troublesome Clients

Raise Rates on Your IT Support Agreements to Lose Troublesome ClientsDo you have some IT support agreements in place with your clients that you wish you could be free of?

The simple fact is, some clients aren’t worth their revenue – and you can probably think of the kind of clients we refer to:

  • Clients who always pay late

  • Clients who refuse to listen to advice

  • Clients who damage their systems by playing with settings they don’t understand.

There is a simple way to see an end to these IT support agreements: just increase your rates until you scare the customers away!

This might seem like a rather bold and bullish tactic, but it works. If you genuinely feel that a particular customer is not worth the hassle they give you for the money they pay, then ask them to pay more. You can do one of two things:

  1. Raise your prices to a rate you think will make them walk away.

  2. Choose a rate that, should they agree to pay it, would make their presence on your client list worthwhile.

If you think about the dilemma, this strategy makes unarguable sense. Either you happily see the back of the client, leaving you free to find bigger and better customer relationships, or you increase your revenue to a point where putting up with their nonsense seems worthwhile again!


Have you ever increased the cost of IT support agreements in the hope of scaring off an irritating customer? Share your stories in the Comments box below.


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