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Is Your IT Services Website Attracting the Right Visitors?

Is Your IT Services Website Attracting the Right Visitors?Most IT services websites aren’t attracting enough of the right visitors.

As old-school traditional marketing channels become less effective (When was the last time for example that you used a phone book?), IT services businesses, and technology providers in general, are now much more dependent on their websites as their primary source of new leads.

The Buying Process Has Changed for Good

What’s behind this behavior change? The way that people go about researching products and services has fundamentally changed.

Nearly every B2B decision maker now starts pre-purchase research the same way: via a search engine query or a post to a social media channel.

Many moons ago, the IT services salesperson was all-powerful and controlled access to information. Not anymore!

Today, about 57% of the typical B2B purchasing cycle now takes place before any vendors are even contacted. (Source: CEB)

So with 57% of the typical B2B sales cycle over before decision makers contact anyone, the only question is very simple, but profoundly important to your survival:

Is your IT services website going to get found? Or will it become invisible and irrelevant?

If your marketing campaigns still look like they did 5 years ago, your company’s future could be in jeopardy.

Best Practices

To make sure that your website is in fact attracting the right website visitors, consider these best practices:

  • Use personas to select the right keyword phrases and write website copy that really resonates with your ideal buyers.

  • Blog regularly because 92% of those that blog multiple times a day acquire clients through their websites (Source: HubSpot).

  • Get on-page search optimization right, so search engines know what each page is about.

  • Create content that’s so valuable and remarkable that relevant authority websites link to your IT services website pages without asking.

  • Invest resources in local SEO if your target market is local in nature.

  • Participate in social media marketing to listen and interact, post status updates, and share valuable resources.

  • Reposition PowerPoint slide decks as search optimized, call to action-focused presentations on SlideShare.

  • Transform PowerPoint slide decks into narrated screencast videos by adding a voice over track, royalty free music, some basic SEO best practices, and a relevant call to action.

  • Write and distribute online news releases that broaden the reach of your thought leadership.

  • Start a podcast and distribute it in multiple formats to build even greater reach.

  • Plan co-marketing campaigns with similar-sized, like-minded, non-competing businesses.

If your IT services website hasn’t been attracting enough of the right kinds of visitors, start implementing these best practices today, so you can intercept your ideal B2B decision maker at the point of their initial search engine query or social media post.

Which of these strategies have you found most effective for attracting highly-targeted website visitors? Please let us know in the Comments box below.

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